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Insulation Services in Ft. Worth, TX by Cool Tech Mechanical

Although you don’t see most of the insulation in your home since it stays hidden in walls and installed in attic, it is one of the most important parts of the comfort and energy efficiency of your house. Without quality insulation, or insulation that received professional installation, you will waste money every time your heater or air conditioner needs to turn on. Good insulation is a necessity throughout the year.

Do you need to have insulation services, whether to replace older fiberglass bats or put in new blown-in insulation? No matter what you may require to improve your home’s heat barrier for cold and warm weather, you will find the team that can handle it at Cool Tech Mechanical. We provide excellent insulation services in Ft. Worth, TX that help our customers save money and remain comfortable no matter the time of year.

The home performance specialists at Cool Tech Mechanical offer insulation services—new installation, replacement—in Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas.

The Year–Round Importance of Insulation

Despite the popular perception of insulation as something designed to "keep out the cold," home insulation is necessary for both the heights of summer and the depths of winter (or as deep as winter can go in Texas). Insulation serves as a thermal barrier; that is, it slows down the movement of heat through it. This works both directions in a home. During a hot summer day, heat from outside has a harder time moving through the walls and seeping down through the attic if it encounters a wall of effective insulation. On a cool winter day, the vital heat inside a home will have trouble escaping through the insulation barrier.

Not only does this wall against the movement of heat help a home stay more comfortable, it removes an enormous amount of strain from the air conditioner and heater. In the Texas summer, poor insulation can cause a spike of 30% on cooling bills. One sign that you have decaying insulation is when your energy bills start to rise even as comfort drops. Call on insulation professionals to see if you need replacements or the addition of more insulation.

Blown–In Insulation

The common image people have of insulation is rolls of pinkish fiberglass. But Cool Tech Mechanical offers another type of insulation that helps create a more effective heat seal for a home: blown–in insulation. This insulation consists of cellulose from shredded–up newspapers treated with a fire retardant. A hose blows out layers of this insulating material into areas of a home where bats do not fit naturally. Because blown–in insulation is made from recycled material, it is more environmentally friendly than standard insulation, and you may wish to have it used more extensively in your home. Talk to our insulation professionals about how to put blown–in insulation to the best use in your house.

Let Us Handle Your Insulation Needs in Ft. Worth, TX

Is your home hard to keep cool during the summer, and your air conditioning bills are continuing to rise? Does the heater always struggle to keep the rooms warm each time it comes on? Then you may need professional insulation services in Ft. Worth, TX from our team at Cool Tech Mechanical. Call us today to arrange an appointment.