Home Air Humidifier Installation

A common problem with comfort in Texas is the extremely dry air. Although we like to think of dry air as a benefit during intense heat (it does help the body release extra heat faster), it also has many downsides. If your home has lower humidity than normal, it can cause health complications, damaged wooden and painted surfaces, trouble staying warm in colder weather, and irritations from static electricity.

Cool Tech Mechanical can help you. We install and offer other services for whole-house humidifiers. These units are much more effective than small portable humidifiers, and with our professional assistance, heat pump repair in Arlington, TX will enjoy properly balanced humidity for better comfort, energy savings, and health.

If you need balanced humidity for your home in Ft. Worth, TX or the surrounding areas, call for humidifier services from the professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical.Air Conditioning Installations

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Why Install a Whole-House Humidifier

There are a number of problems that low humidity can cause that a proper humidifier can solve. Here are some of the benefits a humidifier can provide:

  • Better cold-weather comfort: Dry air allows heat to escape from the human body at a faster rate. This will gave an extra chilly edge to standard cold weather that will make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Energy savings: To combat the extra sensation of cold from dry air, a home’s heating system will need to run longer. With the humidity properly balanced, you will save on heating bills because the heater can take much longer breaks.
  • Improved health conditions: Excessively dry air can cause irritation to eyes, nose, skin, and throat. But perhaps most dangerous of all is that it dries up sinuses, which makes it much easier for colds and flus to spread from person to person.
  • Less damage to wood and paint: Low humidity also draws moisture from surfaces, resulting in damage that will appear as cracks on wooden surfaces and objects and peeling and flaking paint.

How to Find the Best Humidifier for Your Needs

It’s important that you call on indoor air quality professionals if you want a humidifier for your home. A whole-house humidifier must be properly sized for your needs, or you may end up with too much moisture in your air, causing a different set of problems. Our experts at Cool Tech Mechanical will see that you have the right humidifier and that it is integrated into your HVAC system properly.

We Offer Excellent Installation and Service for Humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers are like any other mechanical device: they can malfunction at times and need to have routine maintenance service to help prevent this. Cool Tech Mechanical can take care of any performance issues that your whole-house humidifier may encounter so that you always enjoy balanced humidity for your household.

Call us today if you are experiencing high levels of static electricity, dry and irritated skin and eyes, or other signs that the air in your home in Ft. Worth, TX is too dry. We will install a whole-house humidifier that will solve these and other problems. We provides professional HVAC service in Arlington, TX.

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