Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

If you are hearing complaints from employees and/or clientele in your commercial building that the air feels stuffy, stale, or unpleasant, than you may have trouble with your indoor air quality. This isn’t uncommon: more and more buildings today are suffering from a lack of fresh air to remove stale and contaminated air, leaving this low quality air to continue to circulate through the HVAC system and the workplace. Thankfully, solutions to these problems are common. You just have to know the right professionals who can provide them for you.

A great place to start is with a call to Cool Tech Mechanical. We offer commercial HVAC service Arlington TX in Ft. Worth, TX and throughout Tarrant County, and that includes indoor air quality solutions. Call our technicians today to learn about the various options available to you for cleaner, healthier, more comfortable air. Our experts will see that you receive the right solutions to your business’s indoor air quality problems.

The commercial HVAC professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical offer commercial indoor air quality solutions for businesses in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.Solar Air Conditioner

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Why Commercial Indoor Air Quality Is Important

The U.S. EPA has identified that a decline in indoor air quality has become a significant health threat in the country. Since most people in the U.S. spend 85% of their time indoors, and a good deal of that at their workplaces, you can see how important it is to maintain high quality air in your building.

The unfortunate fact behind poor air quality is that modern buildings have powerful heat sealing that prevents heat from entering during hot weather and escaping during cool weather. Buildings in Texas would be far more miserable and harder to keep air conditioned during the summer without this sealing. But this means fresh air has little chance to enter a building. Instead, trapped air keeps circulating, picking up dust and dirt and absorbing (or losing) moisture. Almost any commercial building will benefit from professional IAQ installations to clean its air.

Commercial Air Purifier

One option available to you to extract contamination from the air in your building is a commercial air filter replacement Arlington TX. These devices use electricity to create ionization fields, and this in turn gives pollutants a negative or positive charge and pulls them from the air and onto collector plates. Other air purifiers work through basic air filtration methods. Our IAQ specialists will help identify the right type of air purifiers for your commercial building’s needs.

Commercial Dehumidifier

A building can develop high humidity from a variety of sources, and nothing will make a Texas summer less pleasant than moist, soggy air. This moisture can also cause water damage and encourage the growth of unhealthy mold. We can install a commercial dehumidifier¬†that will balance your air’s humidity and make your commercial space more pleasant.

Commercial Humidifier

Dry air is a common issue in Texas during many months of the year. An excessively dry climate in a building can make people feel chilly, increase static electricity, create dry and irritated skin and eyes, and help illnesses spread from one person to another. A professionally installed commercial humidifier will solve this problem without making the environment too humid.

We Can Handle Your Needs for Commercial Indoor Air Quality

No matter your concerns about the air in your commercial space, you can turn to Cool Tech Mechanical for answers. We have a staff dedicated to the commercial HVAC service Arlington TX, and we are glad to give our professional assistance for whatever job you need done.