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How to Choose an Air Conditioner

You may not realize just how many different ways there are to cool your home in this day and age. Having so many choices available is a great luxury, of course, but it can also make choosing an air conditioner a bit daunting. You must evaluate your cooling preferences, personal usage habits, and other factors to determine which AC fits your needs the best. Our technicians will help you make this decision properly, and we will make sure that your new air conditioner is the right size for your home as well.

Why Use a Central Air Conditioner?

At some point you have undoubtedly used a portable window unit in order to cool a space. While these units may have their uses, such as in small studio apartments or dorm rooms, they are in no way appropriate for cooling an entire house. Using a central air conditioner will allow you to cool your entire house more effectively and efficiently than you otherwise could with even multiple window units. Let us know if you are interested in the installation of a central air conditioner in your home.

We Also Service Central AC Units

You cannot expect any central AC unit to function at peak performance or efficiency levels if it is in any way compromised. That is why routine central AC maintenance Arlington TX and prompt central AC unit repairs are necessary. When our technicians are tasked with keeping your central air conditioner in the best working condition possible, that is precisely what you can expect.

Call Now for Outstanding AC Service

There are many amenities that some homeowners may choose to live without. A properly functioning air conditioning system is, however, an absolute necessity in this part of the country. Count on Cool Tech Mechanical to help you find the ideal AC for your needs, as well as to keep your residential cooling system in fine working order.

Air Conditioning Installation

Don’t trust anyone other than a skilled, trained professional to install your air conditioning system. An air conditioning installation can really make or break the overall performance of an air conditioner. We will make sure that your AC installation is completed with the utmost care for exceptional results.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you really want to keep your air conditioner in the best working condition possible, remember that nothing beats routine air conditioning maintenance. Don’t let your AC slip into disrepair. By scheduling professional AC maintenance with a qualified air conditioning technician, you can keep your system up and running properly.

Air Conditioning Repair

No air conditioner will ever be 100% problem free. All mechanical systems encounter operational problems from time to time. Schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Arlington, TX,  at the first sign of trouble with your system to get it back on track in a timely manner and to minimize the risk of serious damages to your cooling equipment.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Has your air conditioner broken down entirely? Is it just failing to meet your cooling expectations? Whatever the issue may be, our staff is here to handle your air conditioning replacement when the time for such an investment comes.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to use air ducts in order to cool your entire home with one convenient, centralized system? Ductless air conditioning is the key to doing so. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about AC installation Arlington TX and the many benefits that it has to offer.

Heat Pumps

By using a heat pump to cool your home, you really get two systems in one. During the summer, a heat pump can remove heat from your home in the same manner as an air conditioner. During the winter, though, it can use ambient heat in the air outside in order to warm your home. Contact us today to schedule service on heat pump systems in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding area.


In order to regulate the operation of your HVAC system properly, you really must have the right thermostat in place for the job. Enlist the services of our HVAC technicians to ensure that you not only have the right thermostats, but that they are properly installed and ideally situated. That way, you can regulate your system successfully.

Zone Control System

There’s no reason to cool your entire home to just one temperature. By using a zone control system, you can cool your home more effectively even as you cut down on energy consumption. Just make sure that you schedule your zone control system services with professionals you can trust, such as those on our staff.

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