Why Is My Heat Pump So Noisy?

There are many benefits to using a heat pump instead of a furnace and air conditioner to heat and cool your home. You might notice things you’re not used to, such as heat pump vibration noise or other loud sounds, if you use a heat pump for the first time.

Heat pumps often make noise, but which noises they make are key to understanding what problems your heat pump is experiencing. If you prefer a professional opinion with regards to your heat pump or need furnace service in Arlington, TX, contact Cool Tech Mechanical for assistance.

Three Reasons for Unwanted Heat Pump Noise

If your heat pump suddenly starts making strange noises, it may need to be repaired or replaced. The following are three reasons why your heat pump is making loud noises:

  • Outdoor unit issue
    Common compressors and outdoor unit noises include rattling, vibrating, or buzzing. Noises like these usually occur when parts of the unit are loose or are not functioning properly. Call our professionals for heating repair in Arlington, TX, as soon as you hear one of these noises to prevent further damage.

  • Indoor air handler problems
    Several components can cause a clicking sound, including fans, belts, pistons, valves, rods, thermostats, and crankshafts. The sound of buzzing or rattling may indicate a refrigerant leak in your HVAC system. Additionally, if there is a massive leak, exposure to the refrigerant can result in refrigerant poisoning.

  • Duct Noises
    There may be a lack of vibration dampening in your ductwork if you hear creaking or popping noises. It is also possible that your ductwork is damaged if you hear a whistling sound from them. Take a closer look at the problem with our technician for heating repair in Arlington, TX.

Follow the Tips and Find Out the Correct Procedure.

  • Find and fix the loose component
    In most cases, rattling, banging, and a loosening part causes screeching noises. A loose belt or bolt may have caused the problem while your furnace blows hot air through the vents and ducts. If your furnace is old, worn-out belts or screws can cause similar noises. The fans and vents should be checked for loose screws and secured.
  • Bolt the motors
    A blockage in the motor’s rotation or a loose belt around the motor may cause howling sounds during start-up and shutdown.
    During motor movements, noise is caused primarily by loose screws that need to be tightened. The attached motor parts can be easily inspected and repaired by our technician during heat pump repair in Arlington, TX.
  • Lubricate the motor and parts
    It is essential to lubricate the moving and rotating parts of your furnace motor and blower system for them to move smoothly. You may hear screeching sounds from these parts if they are dry.

The motor and lower shaft tend to jam after months of sitting idle, which needs oil and a nice spin to get back in shape. Don’t forget to ask our technician about such issues during routine furnace service in Arlington, TX.

You can fix a noisy furnace by contacting Cool Tech Mechanical. Book the best heat pump repair in Arlington, TX, at (817) 904-5258. Don’t forget to schedule your annual tune-up and call us for emergency services.