Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Lewisville, TX

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Lewisville who is searching for a company to take care of your heating and air conditioning needs, then you have come to the right place. Cool Tech Mechanical has many decades of combined experience providing HVAC services, both residential and commercial, as well as providing indoor air quality solutions and home performance improvements. We aim to make your business or home not only more comfortable during the year, but also to help you reduce your energy bills. Call us today and find out why we are one of the best North Texas options for comfort.

Cool Tech Mechanical offers full HVAC services for homes and businesses throughout Lewisville, TX.

Quality Air Conditioning Services in Lewisville, TX

Air conditioning is the #1 priority when it comes to comfort in Lewisville, TX. Our summers can put homes through a tough time, but when you have the technicians at Cool Tech Mechanical on your side, you will have no difficulty coasting through to the fall. We provide comprehensive services for cooling systems, from new installation to routine maintenance that will see you encounter few troubles from your AC. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to discover more about our AC services.

Do You Need AC Repair in Lewisville, TX?

A faulty air conditioner is a major concern, especially when the troubles start during the hottest days of the year (which is when they always seem to happen). You need to know you have AC repair technicians you can rely on whenever you need help: make us your first call, and we will aim to see that you are fully satisfied with our services.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you let your air conditioning system run year after year without receiving a routine inspection from an HVAC technician, you shouldn’t be surprised when the AC starts to waste energy and breaks down early. Our annual maintenance service will see that you have an effective, cost-friendly, and reliable air conditioning system that will last through the hot weather with few problems.

We Service and Install Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless mini split cooling lets you enjoy the benefits of a central AC without needing space-consuming ductwork. These systems are a great solution to cool down a new home, or for an older home that lacks the room for ducts. Want to know more, or wish to schedule regular service? Give us a call today.

We Service and Install Heaters and Heating Systems

We can’t afford to ignore our heating systems in Lewisville, TX, even though they will be far from our mind during the more scorching days of the middle of the year. When cold weather does sweep in, you will be glad you had the assistance of the heating experts at Cool Tech Mechanical. We offer complete services for heaters, from new installation to fast and safe repair services.

We Provide Zone Control System Services

Zone control allows you to divide your home’s ventilation system into a series of “zones” that you can close off from heating and cooling. This is a great help in improving energy efficiency, since you no longer have to heat or cool the whole house each time you turn on your comfort system. Our technicians can install zone control as part of new HVAC system or as a retrofit, and they also provide repair services for when zone controls break down.

We Service and Install Furnaces

A furnace, either gas or electric, is a good choice for home heating. Indeed, it is still the most popular choice in the U.S. Whether you need skilled repairs for your home’s furnace, or you want to have a new furnace installed to get ready for the winter, you can trust that we will get the job done.

We Repair and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

Which type of furnace is ideal for your home? Gas furnaces cost less to run and provide powerful heating that few other home heaters can match. Electric furnaces have longer lifespans, are safer, and can be used in homes without a gas line. Please call our technicians today for help choosing the ideal furnace for your needs, or to schedule services for any necessary repairs or regular AC maintenance in Arlington, TX.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The energy-efficient insulation on homes today helps keep your bills low, but it can also result in stale and stuffy air. Cool Tech Mechanical provides indoor air quality installations and other services that will improve your air while permitting you to maintain cost-saving home performance. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance for air filtration systems and different types of dehumidifiers. Call us to find out more about what we can do to improve your home’s air in Lewisville, TX.

We Provide UV Air Purifiers

Bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other harmful microbes moving through your home’s air are something that you definitely want eliminated. One of the best methods to do this without putting chemicals into your air is with a UV air purifier. Our professionals will be glad to install a UV air purifier for your home that will destroy dangerous organic contaminants. Contact now for air purifiers Arlington TX and Lewisville areas.

We Offer a Variety of Home Performance Services

If you think that your home is losing heat in the winter and gaining too much heat in the summer, then you should contact Cool Tech Mechanical and ask about our range of services to increase home performance. We offer energy audits, duct testing services, and install new insulation and windows that prevent heat loss and gain. To start off, give us a call and set up an appointment for an energy audit or duct testing services in Lewisville, TX.

We Provide Duct Testing Services

The ductwork in a home serves a vital function, and if it loses insulation or develops air leaks it can cause the heater and air conditioner to work harder and raise energy bills. It can even lead to a drop in air quality. When you call us for professional duct testing services, we’ll see that your ducts are returned to their proper airtight and insulated state.

We Perform Energy Audits

An energy audit is a process where specialists analyze your home to see how well it operates as an energy system. Is it losing heat through insulation leaks? Is the integrity of the ducts weakened? Are appliances wasting energy? Thanks to blower door tests, thermal scanning, and other procedures, our energy auditors will locate all the places in your house where you may need improvements. We will provide a list of what you can do to increase your home’s energy performance, resulting in better comfort and savings every year.

We Install Energy Efficient Windows

Windows allow heat in during the summer and allow it out during the winter. But if you have energy-efficient windows, you can significantly slow down heat loss and gain and save large amounts on your utility bills each month. Rely on our experience when it comes to finding and installing the right energy efficient windows for your home.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

Cool Tech Mechanical also handles commercial HVAC services in Lewisville, TX. You can trust to our experts in providing comfort and clean air for businesses to see that your commercial space has the best heating and cooling possible. We have many years of taking care of companies in the area, and whether you require a new installation for your business, or just a routine check-up on the heating system to prepare for the winter, you can put your trust in us to get the work done right.

We Provide Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

If you think that the air inside your business is filled with unhealthy pollutants, or if it feels stuffy and humid, call us right away. We have many solutions for indoor air quality programs, and we will strive to deliver you complete satisfaction on each and every job that we do.

We Offer Commercial Air Purifiers

Air purifiers (a.k.a. electronic air cleaners) are a safe and powerful way to remove many small contaminants drifting through your HVAC system. Air purifiers use electronic fields to ionize particles and trap them that might otherwise pass right through standard filters. Let our technicians help you choose if an air purifier is right for your commercial space.

We Offer Commercial Dehumidifiers

If your business suffers from issues with high humidity that lead to uncomfortable summer conditions and elevated cooling bills, you should give Cool Tech Mechanical a call and ask about out commercial dehumidifier services. Our experienced team is available for whatever you need for your home or business when it comes to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality in Lewisville, TX.