Commercial Humidifier

Commercial Humidifier

Texas experienced a dry climate during most of the year. Although this is helpful during searing hot temperatures (heat leaves your body much faster when there is little moisture in the surrounding air), dry air can cause numerous other problems related to health and comfort. If your commercial building has issues with low humidity, you should contact commercial HVAC professionals to see what can be done to improve conditions.

The most common way to solve problems from dry air in a commercial space is to install humidifiers that place more moisture in the air. It is important that you only allow professionals experienced with commercial indoor air quality handle this work, or you may end up with humidifiers that either don’t do the job they are supposed to or else make the air too humid. For humidifier service you can depend on, call Cool Tech Mechanical and let us help your business in Ft. Worth, TX enjoy a more pleasant environment.

The indoor air quality professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical offer commercial humidifier services for businesses in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.Solar Air Conditioner

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The Benefits of a Commercial Humidifier

Dry air is pleasant outdoors on hot days, but it isn’t so pleasant indoors or during cooler weather. Here are some of the ways that balancing your business’s indoor humidity with a commercial humidifier will benefit you:

  • Lower heating bills: Dry air makes cool temperatures feel colder since it draws heat and moisture rapidly out of the human body. During cooler temperatures in the winter, you will need to run your business’s heating system less often and save money and you’ll have a more comfortable workplace as well.
  • Fewer health problems: Low humidity causes skin, eye, and nose irritation and respiratory trouble. Worse, however, is how it makes it easier for airborne germs and viruses to spread from person to person by drying up sinuses and mucus membranes. Balanced humidity in your business will mean a decrease in illness among your employees.
  • Reduction in property damage: The same way that dry air pulls moisture from the human body, it also pulls moisture from objects. This is particularly devastating for wooden surfaces, and it will also cause paint to peel and chop. A humidifier will keep furnishings and valuable items in your workspace protected from dry air.

We Install and Service Commercial Humidifiers in Ft. Worth, TX

If you think that installing a commercial humidifier for your HVAC company Arlington TX is the answer to the problems you are having with dry conditions, please give us a call. Cool Tech Mechanical is experienced with many indoor air quality installations, and we work with both humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Our experts will find the right type of humidifier to balance the moisture in the air without tipping over to making it too damp (a common error that amateurs make when picking humidifiers).

Our indoor air quality team also handles repairs and maintenance for commercial humidifiers. If you notice a return of dry conditions in your business, or if the humidity levels start to rise, give us a call and we will fix your humidifier or replace it if necessary. No matter what you need for commercial indoor air quality, you can rely on us.

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