Commercial Thermostat

Commercial Thermostat

The thermostats in a business are easy to take for granted, or even overlook entirely: small units mounted on the walls, designed to match the wall color so they blend in. But these thermostats are crucial for making a commercial space pleasant for employees, customers, clients, etc. and for helping the business owner keep heating and cooling expenses down. A lot depend on those small little control boxes placed around the rooms of a business.

Are the thermostats in your company doing the job they should? Have you recently encountered malfunctions, or noticed that adjusting the thermostat isn’t having the effect you expect? Or do you simply have old thermostat models and you believe you can receive better service from modern upgrades? Give Cool Tech Mechanical in Ft. Worth, TX a call and ask about our services for commercial thermostats. We can repair your current thermostats or show you choices for technologically cutting-edge models that will help you save energy every day.

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The Vital Function of a Commercial Thermostat

At its core, a thermostat serves a simple function: it’s a switch. It turns on and off the heating and cooling system, as well as the fan. But thermostats also automate many functions of a building’s HVAC system, responding to temperature changes to create the most comfortable climate possible. More advanced models have extra features to enhance their energy–saving.

If your thermostats develop malfunctions, even something as simple as a few degrees of miscalibration, it can result in comfort and efficiency issues in your business. You can’t let thermostat issues go without professional attention, since they will place more pressure on your HVAC system and create discomfort throughout the building. Don’t try to rewire the thermostat yourself or have regular maintenance technicians tamper with it: call on experienced professionals. The experts can also help you decide if replacing the malfunctioning units is a better option.

Some Options for Commercial Thermostats

If you want to upgrade your thermostats, or if you are planning on putting in thermostats for a new building, you have a large number of choices available. Manual thermostats are still adequate options if you are on a tight budget. But if possible you should have digital models, or digital programmable models, put in. Digital thermostats have more precise settings, and programmable models allow you to control the temperatures even when no one is in the building. Programmable models offer an easy method to cut down on energy waste.

The more advanced thermostats now available are “smart” thermostats, which learn from your settings history and use it to create an automated energy–saving program. Smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely using an Internet connection from a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone—you always have control over the comfort settings, no matter where you are.

We Offer Commercial Thermostat Services in Ft. Worth

Along with our extensive services for installing and repairing heating and cooling systems for businesses in Ft. Worth, TX, Cool Tech Mechanical also provides full services for heat pump repair Arlington TX. Get in touch with us today to hear more about your options.

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