AC Zone Control System Installation and Maintenance

AC Zone Control System Installation and Maintenance

If you are serious about cooling your home successfully, then you need more than just a great air conditioning system, you need a zone control system. Yes, it is important that you invest in quality cooling equipment. However, you must also know for certain that this equipment is of the right design for your home, as well as that it is all installed correctly by a qualified contractor. By scheduling your AC installation Arlington TX with Cool Tech Mechanical, you guarantee that your installation is in the hands of skilled, experienced professionals! Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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What is a Zone Control System?

Zone control systems are rather ingenious in their design. Used in conjunction with a ducted HVAC system, the zone control system makes use of multiple, electronically controlled dampers installed within those air ducts. These air ducts are controlled by multiple thermostats, each charged with regulating the temperature within the zone in which it is located. Both the dampers and the thermostats are wired into a central control panel. When the thermostat, as set by the homeowner, senses that the temperature in its zone must be adjusted, the corresponding damper is either opened or closed to allow for the adjustment to be made. This allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home.

Benefits of Using a Zone Control System in Your Home

As you have probably discovered over time, different people are comfortable at different temperatures. Why, then, should every bedroom in your home be set to the same temperature? With a zone control system, you can help to keep everyone in your home comfortable, even if different family members have different ideas of what a comfortable temperature may be. This not only benefits the individuals in your home, but also helps to eliminate squabbles about what temperature should be set, as well as constant fiddling about with the thermostat.

Furthermore, a zone control system can help you to really cut back on the amount of money that you spend in order to both heat and cool your home. After all, if you have areas in your house which are rarely in use, it makes little sense to keep your entire house at the same temperature throughout. Heat and cool only those rooms in use, and start adjusting temperatures upstairs shortly before bed, and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency any longer.

Schedule Your Zone Control System Services with Us

If you plan on getting the best performance possible from your zone control system, then it is absolutely necessary that you schedule your zone control system services with professional technicians. You don’t want to risk any damage to ductwork when the dampers are installed, nor does anyone other than a qualified technician have the skill and expertise necessary to ensure that all components of the system are wired together properly. Are you having trouble regulating temperatures throughout your home? It is possible that your zone control system is malfunctioning or damaged. Cool Tech Mechanical is the HVAC company in Arlington, TX, you can trust to complete your zone control system installation, or any other services you may require, with the utmost care and outstanding workmanship.

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