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When most people think of Texas, they likely envision an arid environment with very hot temperatures. While this may be the case for much of the year, you’d be remiss to overlook the fact that even Texas has its fair share of colder weather. Because the summer heat doesn’t stick around throughout the year, it is necessary to have a quality heating system installed in your home. You don’t want to be caught off guard when temperatures drop and the weather becomes uncomfortably chilly. Work with the heating service Arlington TX professionals here at Cool Tech Mechanical in order to prepare your home for the coldest nights that the heating season has to offer.

Cool Tech Mechanical provides heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services near Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas.

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Familiarize Yourself with Available Heating Systems

While your air conditioner may be the star of the comfort show to some degree, you will find that your heater is a valuable ally during the chillier months of the year. With all of the heating systems available to homeowners today, the importance of taking your time to choose your system carefully cannot be overstated. If you are ready to invest in a new heater, keep in mind the fact that all systems have their own pros and cons. By working with a heating professional, such as those on our staff, you can be sure that you have chosen your new heating system wisely.

We Offer Comprehensive Heating Services & Furnace Repair

As important as it is to choose your heating system wisely, it is also important to remember that doing so is only the first step in the process of guaranteeing your comfort during the winter season. You must also know for certain that your heater is of the right size for your home, that it is installed with absolute care and quality workmanship, and that any repair and maintenance services are completed by skilled technicians. By scheduling any and all heating services that you require with our staff, you’ll have no doubt about it.

Count on Our Heating Contractors to Keep You Warm and Cozy

Professional heating contractors may not be too difficult to come by. Finding heating contractors that you can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt to do the job right, though, is a bit trickier. Work with the heating contractors on the Cool Tech Mechanical staff to ensure that this is the case. Our technicians are some of the finest in the business, and we’ll do everything necessary to protect your comfort no matter how low the temperature outside may fall.

Ductless Heating

If you, for any number of reasons, decide that you don’t want to utilize air ducts in your home, just let us know. You may find that a ductless heating system is just what you’ve been dreaming of. We install and service quality ductless heating systems throughout the area. When we provide you with ductless heating services, you’ll be able to heat your home with great convenience, control, and efficiency.


A perennial favorite, the furnace is a true power house in the residential heating sector. We carry both gas and electric furnaces for installation in homes throughout the area. Just remember that no furnace will operate at peak performance levels – or even safely, for that matter – if not carefully installed and serviced by a knowledgeable, experienced professional.

Heat Pumps

There is no need to invest in separate, designated heating and cooling systems: at least not when you choose to heat and cool your home with a heat pump repair Arlington TX. By using ambient heat in the air outdoors, heat pumps are able to warm homes with exceptional efficiency. Our generally mild winter climate makes the heat pump a wonderful option to consider in this area.

Heating Installation

Trained professionals, and trained professionals only, must handle your heating installation. No matter what type of heater you may choose to use in your home, there is no way that you can use yours with deserved confidence if it is not of the right size and expertly installed. Amateur or DIY installations put one’s very safety at risk, not to mention the condition of your heating equipment. Make the right call; work with one of our fine heating installation technicians.

Heating Repair

Heaters will all suffer some sort of operational problem eventually. They are no more invincible than any other mechanical system. Save yourself some trouble, and dial our number at the very first sign of problems with your heating system. That way, our technicians can diagnose the problem promptly and resolve it as soon as possible to return your home to the comfortable environment that you demand.

Zone Control System

There is no rule stating that you must heat your entire home to one set temperature. When you think about it, doing so actually may not make a whole lot of sense. It’s not like you have to turn on every light in your home every time you flip a switch, after all. Cut down on energy consumption while still living in consistent comfort with the use of a zone control system. For maximum benefits, allow Cool Tech Mechanical the privilege of installing and servicing your zone control system and its various components.

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