Bedford, TX, Air Conditioning & Heating Services by Cool Tech Mechanical

Maintaining a comfortable home means turning to professionals for your heating and cooling services. It takes years of training and experience, as well as advanced equipment, to handle such jobs as installing a new air conditioning system or repairing a faulty gas furnace. The team of technicians at Cool Tech Mechanical has the skill and tools necessary to handle whatever your home in Bedford, TX needs to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. We provide more than comfort for homes; we also work with businesses in the area to help them maintain a pleasant environment that keeps employees and customers happy. Contact us to know more about our HVAC, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality services.

Quality Air Conditioning Services in Bedford, TX

Air conditioners are a type of refrigeration system, and therefore require the work of trained professionals when it’s time to install or repair one. You simply cannot do this type of work on your own without years of special training. Let Cool Tech Mechanical take care of whatever you need in Bedford, TX to make sure that your home and family remain cool and comfortable through the lengthy hot season, and that you have an energy-efficient AC that keeps costs from soaring along with the temperatures. Also, contact for quality air conditioning service Arlington TX.

Do You Need Air Conditioning System Replacement?

Texas summers place a gargantuan level of stress on an air conditioner. Even with routine maintenance and repairs done as soon as necessary, an AC will eventually reach a point of no return where it will stop working efficiently-and eventually stop working, period. Let our technicians perform a speedy replacement that will take out the old and bring in the new, and let you get back to enjoying the warm weather in cool comfort.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Maintenance Services

It is vital for the long life of your air conditioning system that it receives an annual inspection and tune-up from an HVAC expert. Along with a lengthy service life, a well-maintained air conditioner will also experience fewer repair issues and work without wasting excess energy. We can provide the yearly maintenance necessary for excellent AC performance.

Solar Air Conditioning Systems

With the many days of sun in Texas, what better way to power a cooling system than to harness the energy of the sun itself? At Cool Tech Mechanical, we offer installation of solar-powered air conditioners that will cut down your cooling bills to almost nothing. To find out more about the possibilities of installing solar air conditioning for your home, call our cooling technicians today. We also offer repair and maintenance for solar ACs.

We Service and Install Heaters and Heating Systems

You should never neglect the heating system for a home, since there are many days of the year when you will find your household needs some help to stay warm. Cool Tech Mechanical provides a full range of services to care for your home’s heating. We’ll help you select and install a new heater, fix up an ailing heater, replace a heater coming to the end of its service, and take care of those routine tune-up jobs that will see that a heater has the longest life possible. For any heating service in Arlington, TX, make us your first call.

We Provide Heating Repair Services

If your heating system starts to falter, or it begins making odd noises, should you break out the tools and open up its cabinet? No! You don’t want to risk more repair problems, or even a safety hazard. Give our technicians a call, 7 days a week, and they will come to your rescue to restore your heating. No repair is too small or too large for us.

We Service and Install Furnaces

Furnaces, natural gas and electric, are the most common means of keeping homes warm across the country. Our technicians have many decades of combined experience working on both kinds. Whether you are in the market for a new furnace installation, or if you need to have your current furnace given a quick tune-up to get it working once again, you can rely on us to get the job done.

Are You Interested In Zone Control System Services?

You don’t have to send heat to every room in your home each time your central heater comes on. And you don’t need to cool each room when the air conditioner comes on either. Let our technicians outfit your home’s ventilation system with zone control, and you can adjust the temperatures throughout the different rooms of the house, leading to better comfort as well as energy savings.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Indoor Air Quality Solutions

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern living that our homes do not receive enough fresh air moving through them, which results in a lowering of indoor air quality. You can combat this problem with the help of our indoor air quality professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical. We can install heat recovery ventilators to bring in fresh air without affecting your air conditioner or heater, a dehumidifier to balance humidity, and air filtration systems to remove contaminants. Call us today to find out more about the other services we offer to improve residential air quality in Bedford, TX.

We Offer a Variety of Home Performance Services

You’re probably paying more for heating and cooling your home than you should be, and one of the ways to reduce costs and have a more comfortable house is to schedule services to improve home performance. The experts at Cool Tech Mechanical perform energy audits to find where your home is wasting energy, and then provide work such as new insulation installation and duct sealing that will make your house an energy saver, not an energy waster.

We Provide Duct Testing Services

Duct testing is done to check on the integrity of a home’s ventilation system and how well it maintains air pressure. If the tests show that the ducts are rapidly lose air pressure, then they will need to have repair and sealing services in order to help the HVAC system work energy efficiently. Arrange for duct testing with us if you are encountering rising heating and cooling bills, or as a routine service to find places to improve your HVAC system’s performance.

We Perform Energy Audits

At the heart of home performance improvement is the energy audit, a series of tests that specially trained auditors perform on a home to find all the places where it is losing energy. Schedule an energy audit with our skilled team today and we will discover what work you need done to enjoy a comfortable and energy-saving home.

We Install Energy Efficient Windows

The old windows in your home may be costing you money during both cold and warm weather, as well as allowing in uncomfortable drafts in the winter and too much radiant heat in the summer. Let us install energy efficient windows that will make a tremendous difference for your budget and your year-round comfort.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

It takes special training and extensive experience to work on commercial heating and cooling; you cannot hire a company that only knows HVAC work for residential buildings. Cool Tech Mechanical is the contractor you need to take care of your company’s comfort. Our staff’s combined years of experience and extensive training will see that what you need to keep your commercial building warm or cool gets done right. No matter if you need your office building hooked up with a new air conditioning system, or your restaurant has a malfunctioning heater, it only takes one call to us to take care of it.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Bedford, TX

You won’t have a business that will be able to stay open and function if it lacks an air conditioner-unless you only plan to operate on cool days! We provide full commercial air conditioning services that will keep your customers and employees relaxed and happy no matter how high the outdoor thermometer climbs. From new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance, we do it all for businesses (and homes) in Bedford, TX.