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There are a number of different installations available to improve the quality of the air inside your home. Air filtration devices, which capture particles of contamination as they attempt to move through a mesh of fibers, work well for many situations. But there are some cases where these filters will not do a thorough enough job at eliminating contaminants smaller than 0.3 microns, such as gas and odor molecules. If your home suffers from pollutants that slip through air filters, you may need to opt for the professional installation of an air purifiers in Arlington, TX.

To find out the best method to clean your air in your home in Ft. Worth, TX, contact the indoor air quality experts at Cool Tech Mechanical. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance for a wide range of indoor air purification systems, and we won’t be satisfied with the job we do until you are.

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How Air Purifiers Clean Your Air

Air purifiers, also known as electronic air cleaners, don’t use a medium to trap particles the way that air filtration systems do. Instead, they use corona discharge, a powerful electric field, to ionize the airborne contaminants passing through the HVAC system. Ionization causes the larger particles in the air (the ones you want to be removed) either to gain or lose an electron, giving it a positive or negative charge. The charged particles are then drawn toward two plates on the air cleaner, one each with a negative and positive charge.

Using ionization, an air purifier eliminates numerous pollutants that will pass right through a mechanical air filter. We recommend electronic air cleaners for homes suffering from issues due to chemicals and odors. You can also combine an air purifier with an air filtration system for the thorough elimination of contaminants

Choosing the Right Air Cleaners for Your Home

You cannot purchase a whole-house air purifier off a shelf and put it into your HVAC system yourself. To make sure you have the right type of electronic air cleaner that will do the job necessary, you must turn to indoor air quality professionals who are familiar with these devices and the type of contaminants that can affect household air. These experts will help you pick the right kind of size of air purifier that will provide you with the finest indoor air quality possible. They will also handle the installation process that will make sure the new air purifier performs its job correctly.

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To get started with cleaner, healthier air in Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas, contact Cool Tech Mechanical. We will discover the type of pollutants that are circulating through your home and determine the best method to get rid of them, whether this means an electronic air cleaner or some other installation. You can also rely on us in the future if you need to have repairs or a replacement for your air purifier. Our technicians have more than 50 years of combined experience, so you can trust that they will find the best solution to your indoor air quality woes.

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