Air Filtration System

Maintaining A Good Home Air Filtration System

Of all the problems which may place the purity of your air in peril, none is so common as the airborne pollutant. Fortunately for homeowners in the area, Cool Tech Mechanical installs and services quality air filtration systems throughout the Ft. Worth, TX region. When you have the right air filtration system in place, you can remove the dirt, dust, and other debris that threatens to undermine your indoor air quality. Just remember that finding the right air filters and ensuring that you get the most from your air filtration system requires that you have any such equipment professionally installed and serviced. In order to do so, simply dial our number to schedule service.

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Why Use an Air Filtration System?

Any number of contaminants can make their way into your home, while some may in fact originate therein. Dirt, dust, and pet dander are among the most common of those pollutants which drag down the quality of the air filling countless residences. The effects of such pollutants can prove to be quite detrimental.

We are professional in commercial HVAC service in Arlington, TX, for homeowners and residents with allergies or respiratory ailments, the proliferation of airborne pollutants can be especially problematic. They circulate throughout a home via the very ductwork with which you distribute conditioned air to the various areas of your house. By installing an air filtration system directly into your HVAC system, though, you can resolve any such problems. The pollutants are trapped on a filtering material as the air passes through, and the air filters are simply cleaned or replaced on a regular basis in order to ensure that you are breathing the air of a high-quality day and night. Contact us today for more information about why you may want to invest in an air filtration system.

Choosing the Right Air Filters for Your Home

As you are hopefully aware, as you ought to be changing them regularly, there are, in fact, air filters present in any forced air distribution-based HVAC system. However, these filters are of a very low MERV. MERV stands for “minimum efficiency reporting value,” and this value is represented by a number indicating the efficiency of any given air filter. Those with a low MERV are less efficient, while those with higher MERVs are more so. The air filters common to HVAC systems have a low MERV, as they are intended not to improve the quality of the air throughout your home, but rather to protect the condition of your heating and cooling system’s components themselves.

A professional air filtration system technician will evaluate your HVAC system and your forced air delivery system, taking into account the problems with your indoor air quality, in order to determine what MERV your ideal air filters will boast. You don’t want an air filter that is too efficient, as the airflow resistance created by such filters may be too much for your system to handle. Armed with the proper air filtration system, you can cleanse the air that you breathe throughout your home while still enjoying the comfort that your heating and cooling system has to offer. For more information about available air filters, or to schedule any air filtration system services, just give the experts at Cool Tech Mechanical a call today.

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