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While we recognize and preach the importance of maintaining comfortable temperatures in one’s home, it is also necessary that you maintain high indoor air quality if you wish to live in true comfort. It may be easier to recognize that the air in your home is too hot or cold than it is to realize that the air quality is compromised in some cases. However, such issues can have seriously negative impacts on your overall comfort, your health, and your property itself.

In order to ensure that your indoor air quality in Ft. Worth, TX, and the surrounding areas is all that it can be, you need only work with the IAQ specialists here at Cool Tech Mechanical. Whatever problems you may be up against, we always find the solutions you need. Call now to discuss the ways in which you can go about improving the quality of the air that you breathe in your home.

Cool Tech Mechanical provides indoor air quality products and services near Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Because there are so many different ways in which your indoor air quality may suffer, there are many different warning signs which may alert you to a problem. You need only know what it is you should look for in order to recognize that the quality of the air in your home is lacking. If you have aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms, if you notice signs of mildew or even mold in your home, if wood rot has developed throughout, or if the surfaces in your home get very dusty very quickly, you may need to take steps in order to boost the indoor air quality therein. We will determine which systems you need to do so, and our technicians will ensure that those air quality systems are installed and serviced with the quality and care that the job demands.

Air Filtration Systems

One of the simplest ways in which to improve upon the indoor air quality in your living space is also one of the most effective. Let our technicians install an air filtration system in your home. Such systems are designed to trap pollutants as air passes through the filtering media. These are integrated into your HVAC system, and come in a variety of efficiency ratings. It is important that you use one which is a good fit for your existing equipment.

Air Purifiers

There are a few different types of air purifiers out there. In general, electronic air purifiers operate by giving pollutants present in the air an electric charge. After doing so, these pollutants are trapped on an oppositely charged collector plate. They are then simply cleaned away for easy removal.


Don’t let very humid air prevail in your home. Not only does high humidity make it tough to stay comfortable and to cool your home, but it can also promote the growth of biological pollutants throughout the house. A whole-house dehumidifier is easily the best way to go about removing excess humidity present in the air throughout your home.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

You want to ventilate your home sufficiently in order to maintain high indoor air quality. However, you do not want to do so at the expense of wasting the energy you’ve paid for to heat or cool your home. With the use of an energy recovery ventilator, you won’t have to. Call now to discuss how an ERV can benefit you.


Excessively dry air can cause a lot of different problems throughout the house. You may find that your skin or sinuses dry out, that wood is cracking and splitting in your home, or that annoying electric shocks are quite common. The good news is that you can instill the right amount of humidity back into the air surrounding you in your home with the use of a whole-house humidifier.

UV Air Purifiers

Biological pollutants cannot simply be filtered out of the air along with dust and dirt: they must be destroyed. This pollutant destruction is the one and only purpose of a UV air purifier. If you think you could use such devices in your home, or if you need any other IAQ services throughout the area, call Cool Tech Mechanical today to schedule service.

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