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We specialize in Ductless Air Conditioning systems. After reviewing the many different cooling systems available to homeowners today, you will realize that choosing the right system for your home is likely more complicated than you may have originally thought. In order to find the air conditioner best suited to your individual needs and preferences, it is wise to consult with a trained professional. One option that we here at Cool Tech Mechanical often recommend is the ductless air conditioner. There are many benefits to be had by using an AC Installation Arlington TX. Read the information below, and let us know if you are interested in having ductless air conditioning installed in your home. If you have one currently, we are also more than happy to service your existing system for you.

Ductless air conditioners are becoming very common in the households of Arlington and surrounding areas. Ductless appliances offer various advantages to the owners, so people are inclined towards them.

However, ductless air conditioners have different needs and requirements than the usual air conditioners, and many new owners do not understand those needs in the first few months. In such cases, you should have a reputable HVAC company with you who can help you understand your ductless appliance better and provide you with ductless air conditioning services. Cool Tech Mechanical is your perfect companion.

About Cool Tech Mechanical

Cool Tech Mechanical is the right blend of quality, experience, and knowledge to help you with your HVAC complaints. We provide energy-efficient solutions to preserve the environment and care for your requirements. In addition, we give each request personal attention and keep the customers updated on each step to maintain a strong bond.

We are the most trusted name in Arlington, TX, and other surrounding areas for the following HVAC categories:

  • Residential HVAC services
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Our Services

Other than providing high-quality and energy-efficiency ductless air conditioning services, our team also excels in other HVAC services that you may need:

  • Air conditioner services

Air conditioners need regular professional attention to make them work the whole season efficiently, and we shall be happy to take care of your appliance for you.

  • Heating services

We use our heating appliances, like boilers and furnaces, extensively during winter, which invites frequent wear and tear. Therefore, our technicians will examine your heating appliance for malfunctioning signs and give you the best solutions.

  • Thermostat

Whether it is a standard thermostat or a smart thermostat, our technicians know how to tackle the problems of all thermostat models within a few hours.

Why Cool Tech Mechanical for ductless air conditioning?

Here is why you should contact us for HVAC services:

  • Ready to serve you

You can contact us seven days a week, and our customer care desk will be more than happy to assist you with your complaints and requirements. We want our customers to be comfortable, and we ensure that our customer care desk helps them with that.

  • Emergency services

Other than regular service schedules, we also provide emergency services. For example, we understand that an HVAC appliance can break down or malfunction at odd hours, and we want to be ready to assist our customers at such times.

  • Competitive rates and quotes

Not all families residing in Arlington can afford the unreasonably high prices of HVAC companies. We want to serve as many families as possible, and one of the best ways to ensure that is to keep our rates reasonable and affordable.

  • Right equipment

Ductless air conditioners and other appliances have different systems, and we ensure that our technicians know how to fix them with the right tools and equipment for energy-efficient solutions.

  • Experience and knowledge

Our ten years of experience have taught us how to work with different appliances, whether with duct or ductless. Our experience shall help us serve you better and more quickly.

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Cool Tech Mechanical provides ductless air conditioning, replacement, repair, maintenance and AC installation services near Arlington, Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.


What is a Ductless Air Conditioner

To start with, we’d like to help you better understand what a ductless air conditioning system and how it works. As you have probably deduced on your own, a ductless air conditioner is a whole–house cooling system which does not depend upon air ducts in order to distributed cooled air throughout the house. Instead, individual, wall–mounted blowers are used to do so. Multiple blowers are attached to a single outdoor unit, very closely resembling to the more traditional heat pump or central AC repair Arlington TX.

However, these blowers are connected to the outdoor unit by means of a simple conduit. The conduit contains the power and refrigerant lines that the system requires for operation. The blower units are installed throughout the house, and each is responsible for adjusting the temperature in the zone or room in which it is installed. Each blower is controlled by its own individual thermostat. This setup allows ductless air conditioning systems to offer a number of benefits that more traditional cooling systems simply cannot rival.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits, as ductless air conditioning systems are also known, can benefit you in many ways. First of all, you should know that ductless mini splits can utilize heat pump technology in order to reverse their method of operation. This means that they can heat your home as well as cool it. Our mild winter weather makes heat pumps of any sort an option well worth your consideration.

Another outstanding benefit of using a ductless air conditioning system is the fact that it makes zone controlled cooling. Therefore easy to take advantage of. Different members of your household are going to be comfortable at different temperatures. This is why it is advantageous to be able to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. By setting the individual thermostats of different blowers to different temperatures, you can do just that.

Plus, by eliminating the ductwork, you won’t suffer any energy loss via leaky ductwork as you cool your home with a ductless cooling system. This can help you to do so more efficiently, while also helping to protect your indoor air quality. If you have any further questions regarding ductless air conditioners, or if you’d like to schedule any AC installation Arlington TX or AC Maintenance Arlington TX, just give Cool Tech Mechanical a call today.


An air conditioner owner should ensure that the location where they install the new air conditioner should not be near any heat-generating appliance, as the system will have to work harder to maintain the indoor temperature.

Also, the owner should ensure the air conditioner is not near any window or door through which sunlight enters the house, as it may increase the chances of overheating the system. A professional technician who provides AC installation in Arlington, TX, will help the owners understand which installation location is the best.

The improper installation areas include places where heat may reach the system, or foreign objects may disrupt its working. If heat reaches the system, it may overheat, leading to problems like short cycling or temporary breakdowns.

After consulting a professional installer, owners should install the new air conditioners correctly to avoid such problems.

Direction-wise, the best location for installing an air conditioner is in the north or west direction. It is because the north and west face minimal to no sunlight during the day, so there are no chances of overheating or extra pressure on the system.

A sleeve for an air conditioner ensures that the system has proper insulation and helps replace the old system with a new one.

A professional installer for AC installation in Arlington, TX, will advise the owners to install a sleeve with a wall air conditioner to ensure no insulation problems with the system. In addition, the owners will get several benefits in the future.

If the wall air conditioner is of a recent model, it may work efficiently for fifteen to twenty years. However, if the wall air conditioner model is old, it may only work efficiently for twelve years.

The best way to ensure that an air conditioner owner does not have to contact a technician for AC replacement in Arlington, TX, earlier than expected is by maintaining a regular professional care schedule.

Irrespective of a family’s location and area, an air conditioner can work efficiently for ten to twelve years. However, it can still work for a few more years, but it will bring safety hazards for the owners.

It is best to replace an air conditioner after twelve years to avoid safety hazards and efficiency issues with the system.

Yes, it is highly advisable to contact a professional technician for AC replacement in Arlington, TX, for a 20-year-old air conditioner. An old air conditioner does not cool a house efficiently and may cause carbon monoxide leakages.

Cool Tech Mechanical helps air conditioner owners understand the needs of their systems in a better and more economical way. Contact us to know more about AC replacement in Arlington, TX.

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