Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Richardson, TX

Cool Tech Mechanical is a full-service air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality contractor with many years of experience serving Richardson, Texas. We provide comprehensive HVAC services for both homes and businesses: no matter if you need to have a ductless mini split cooling system installed for your new house construction, or you are interested in repair for an air purifier keeps the air in your office building healthy, we have the team of professionals who can take care of the work. We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every job we do. Make us your first call for your heating and cooling needs.

If you require air conditioning or heating services in Richardson, TX, contact the professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical.

Quality Air Conditioning Services in Richardson, TX

Air conditioning isn’t something that your home can do without in a place like Richardson. A broken or ineffective AC will mean a miserable few days during the summer, as well as the many other warm times of the year. Make sure that you have technicians like those at Cool Tech Mechanical to provide you with the air conditioning installation, repairs, and routine maintenance that will see that your family always has cool and livable indoor temperatures.

Do You Need AC Repair in Richardson, TX?

Air conditioning repair problems always seem to strike on the hottest days. This isn’t a case of bad luck; these are the times when the air conditioner must strain the most and is likely to malfunction. Our repair technicians are ready 7 days a week to rush to your assistance whenever you need expert AC repairs.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you want to avoid those emergency repair jobs on roasting summer days, make sure you enroll in our maintenance plan. We offer annual performance tune-ups that will reduce the chance of your air conditioner breaking down and wasting energy. Our tune-ups will also see that your air conditioner lasts for many years. We also offer tune up services. Contact us for AC tune up Arlington TX.

We Service and Install Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning works through a series of small air handlers mounted on the walls of your home, each of which connects to a central outdoor cabinet. These energy-efficient systems allow you to enjoy the powerful benefits of a central AC without the need for ducts. Call us for more information regarding installation and other services for ductless cooling.

We Service and Install Heaters and Heating Systems

Do you have a heater that underperforms every winter, or are you looking for new heating installation in Richardson, TX? Then call Cool Tech Mechanical and let our heating experts find the solution to your cold weather dilemmas. We know that it’s easy to forget about the need for proper winter comfort during our hot summers, but you’ll be glad you used our services when those cold days arrive. Schedule installation, repairs, or regular maintenance with us today.

We Provide Heating Repair Services

A broken or malfunctioning heater can mean a pretty miserable time during the winter. You can depend on our experienced heating repair technicians to fix whatever problems are impairing your heating system. We will make sure that your warm indoors is restored to you, fast.

We Service and Install Furnaces

Furnaces are the #1 way that homes in the U.S. stay warm when the temperature outside drops. Our technicians are trained to install, repair, replace, and maintain both electric and natural gas furnaces. If you have any questions about a furnace service in Arlington, TX for your home, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Are You Interested In Zone Control System Services?

A central air conditioner or forced-air heater that uses ducts doesn’t have to condition the whole house all at the same time. If you have a zone control system installed into the ductwork, you can change the temperature in different rooms so you only heat (or cool) the parts of the house that are occupied. Our technicians can install a zone control system for your home, either as a retrofit for your existing HVAC system or as part of a new installation.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Our indoor air quality experts at Cool Tech Mechanical offer a wide range of installations for homes to help clean and purify their air. If your home in Richardson, TX suffers from stuffy air, or air filled with dust, germs, smoke, and other pollutants, contact us. Among our services to improve air quality are dehumidifier installation, installing and maintaining air filtration systems, and providing energy recovery ventilators.

We Offer a Variety of Home Performance Services

Home performance is about increasing the energy efficiency of all parts of a home. Through the services of the professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical, you’ll discover places where gaps in vents and leaks in insulation are causing you to pay more on your bills for heating and cooling than you should. Contact us today to arrange for an energy audit, new insulation, duct testing, installation of energy efficient windows, and other work that will improve the energy performance of your home in Richardson, TX.

We Provide Duct Testing Services

It’s difficult to tell what the integrity of your home’s ductwork is because you cannot see most of it behind the walls and ceilings. We provide duct testing using advanced equipment that will determine how well your ductwork maintains air pressure and what improvement-such as sealing and repairs-will restore a ventilation system that is losing energy.

We Perform Energy Audits

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that all homes have an energy audit to pinpoint where they are wasting energy. Our trained auditors will use special technology, such as thermal scanners and blower doors, to give your homes a complete assessment. At the end of an audit, you will have a solid idea of what is necessary to make your home an energy saver instead of an energy waster.

We Install Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing old windows in your home with energy-efficient models that slow down the transfer of heat is one of the best ways to save money around the year. To find out more about this service, as well as to receive a professional assessment about your current windows, give Cool Tech Mechanical a call.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

Along with our skilled installation, repair, and maintenance services for home heating and cooling, we also provide extensive HVAC work for businesses in Richardson, TX. We apply the same dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction on our commercial jobs as we do for our residential ones, and our services are comprehensive. If you need a full or partial new AC installation for your commercial building, or a heater installation for new construction, you can rely on Cool Tech Mechanical to deliver top quality work.

We Provide Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

Proper air conditioning is essential for a Texas business, and we aim to help you receive the best cooling possible for your company. We specialize in installing high-efficiency and sustainable air conditioning systems that will help you save money while keeping your employees and clientele comfortable all through the hot months of the year.

We Offer Commercial Air Purifiers

Air conditioning and heating are only part of indoor comfort in a business. If you have stuffy and contaminant-filled air circulating through your building, you will still end up with unhappy employees and customers no matter how well the AC and heater works. Call us to install air purifiers that will eliminate pollutants and bad odors from the ventilation system of your commercial building.

We Offer Commercial Dehumidifiers

Is the air in your building stuffy and muggy, and the air conditioning system can’t seem to take the edge off the heat? Call Cool Tech Mechanical and arrange for installation of a commercial dehumidifier to balance the humidity for comfort and energy savings. We are available for all your indoor air quality and HVAC needs in Richardson, TX, whether for your home or your business.