Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

What Is A Energy Recovery Ventilation System?

A modern home faces a dilemma when it comes to circulating fresh air: allowing outside air into the rooms through open doors and windows also means bringing in undesirable outdoor temperatures that will cause the air conditioner or heater to overwork. In Ft. Worth, TX, with our long and often boiling summers, it’s difficult to allow fresh air into a home without giving the air conditioner a major obstacle to overcome. Closing up doors and windows will make it easier for an AC to cool down a home, but at the risk of developing stale and unhealthy air quality.

But there is a solution to this problem, and it works for both hot and cold weather conditions: an energy recovery ventilator, or ERV. This device allows in fresh air currents, but uses the outgoing indoor air to pre-heat or pre-cool it. You will need a professional to help you select and install the unit, as well as provide any necessary HVAC service in Arlington, TX. The team at Cool Tech Mechanical is glad to help with any ERV services you may require. Give us a call today.

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What Does an ERV System Do?

An energy recovery ventilator is installed into a home’s HVAC system and works through a process call counter flow heat exchange. A current of air from the outside moves through a current from the inside. Heat moves from one current to the other, and the air that enters the home is a more appropriate temperature.

For example, let’s look at the most common scenario in Texas: a hot summer day. The energy recovery ventilator draws in fresh, but warm, air through a vent and into the HVAC system, while simultaneously pulling in stale, but cool, air through the return vents in the house. The two currents move through each other inside the ERV. The warm, fresh air loses heat to the stale, cool air. The stale air exits to the outside, and fresh air, which is now pre-cooled, moves toward the air conditioner. The AC has much less work to do because the fresh air from outside has already lost the majority of its heat. The process works similarly during cold weather, only the indoor air warms up the stream of fresh outdoor air before it reaches the heater.

An ERV will help a home enjoy fresher air while recovering a large amount of the energy that would have normally been lost to the outside. On average, an energy recovery ventilator will recover 85% of this energy, and that means you will experience little difference on your heating and cooling bills. In addition, moisture transfers between the air currents, meaning that an ERV also helps with balancing indoor humidity. Contact us for air purifiers in Arlington, TX.

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