How to Hide Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit

According to every HVAC company Arlington, TX, the outdoor unit can be concealed but not covered. Because AC units are designed to withstand all types of weather, covering one only increases the likelihood that components will rust and corrode. To maintain proper airflow and keep things operating at peak efficiency, experts advise leaving at least 60 inches of clearance at the top of the unit.

Considerations to Make Before Hiding Your AC Unit Outside

  • Clear space for maintenance.
  • Airflow is important.
  • Avoid placing shrubs too close to the structure.
  • Make a cool, shaded area for the outdoor unit after AC installation Arlington, TX.
  • Verify the recommended distance from the manufacturer.
  • Protecting AC strategically sunlight from an outdoor unit will save energy.

Tips on How to Conceal an Outdoor Air Conditioner

  • Set up a Few Shrubs

Shrubs are a great way to decorate your yard and conceal your outdoor air conditioner. Think about something vibrant, like tall, drought-resistant evergreens. Keep in mind to leave enough space around the appliance to allow for proper airflow.

  • Construct a Wooden Cover

The outdoor air conditioning unit can be effectively hidden with wooden covers. To construct your cover, you need wooden planks, nails, and a hammer. You can also take additional steps to conceal your outdoor unit using paints or plants.

  • Construct a Picket Fence

The classic landscaping element for a standard American home is a picket fence. After AC installation Arlington, TX, you can purchase a pre-made picket fence, put your DIY skills to the test, and construct one.

  • Utilize Flower Pots

The AC unit will remain accessible and look presentable if large wooden planter boxes are stacked around two of its sides. Choose plant life that can withstand the heat from the air conditioning unit and tall boxes to conceal the unit.

  • Use Aluminum Slats

An effective way to conceal your air conditioner is with aluminum slats. The slats only need to be installed and won’t require any maintenance for a long period of time.

  • Plant Vines

Trailing vines is another environmentally friendly way to conceal the exterior air conditioning unit. You can attach vines to a wooden structure and position them around the object.

  • Plant Decorative Trees and Grasses

You can plant directly into the ground if you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up large planter boxes. Remember to try your best to keep the unit clean if you decide to plant a tree.

  • Position Big Planters

Large planters can visually protect an outdoor air conditioning unit. One of your best options for hiding an outdoor AC unit may be using large planters like Pampas Grass.

  • Implement a Privacy Screen

It is a great way to beautify your backyard and conceal your air conditioner simultaneously. They can improve airflow around the appliance and blend in beautifully with the landscaping in your yard.

  • Install a Trellis

Your outdoor unit can be hidden by a wooden or iron trellis. No one will even notice your air conditioner! This straightforward solution makes it simple to add garden features to your yard.


Depending on your decor and budget, you can choose from these options. If you are looking for a cost-effective HVAC company Arlington, TX, Cool Tech Mechanical can help you save money. Call us at 817-385-6861 or send us an e-mail here to set up an appointment today.