Why Is My Heat Pump Making Noises?

What does a heat pump sound like? Heat pumps can make many different kinds of noises, each one indicating that there is a potential issue with your system. A failing motor will buzz or vibrate, while a failing valve can make a hissing, whooshing, or shuddering noise. Call our professionals immediately at (817) 904-5258 for effective solutions if any of these noises are heard.

Here Are Four Causes Of Loud Noises From Your Heat Pump:

Problem With The Outdoor Unit

If you hear weird noises from your compressor or outdoor unit, like loose parts rattling, vibrating, or buzzing, your heat pump probably needs to be repaired. On the other hand, electrical heat pump problems can result in a popping or buzzing sound.

A malfunctioning motor may buzz or vibrate, while a failing valve or solenoid will produce hissing, whooshing, or vibrating noises. If you hear any of these noises, call one of our experts in heating and cooling in Arlington, TX, to avoid further damage.

Noises From The Ducts

A creaking or popping sound in your ductwork could indicate a lack of vibration dampening. A whistling sound from your ducts could also suggest that your ductwork is damaged. If you face these issues, check your heating system with Cool tech mechanical, a professional commercial HVAC service provider in Arlington, TX.

Indoor Air Handler Issues

An improperly installed or aging system usually causes loud noises from your indoor air unit. If you have an older system, it may need repairs or replacement. A clicking sound could indicate a problem with the fans, belts, pistons, valves, rod, thermostat, or crankshaft. If you hear a buzzing or rattling sound, you may have a refrigerant leak, which is dangerous to your HVAC system.

Exposure to a refrigerant leak is hazardous to your health and, in the case of a significant leak, can result in refrigerant poisoning. It might need servicing if you notice these issues in your heating system. Contact Cool tech mechanical for heat pump repair in the Arlington, TX, area.

Defrost Mode

Heat pumps keep us warm in the winter, so keeping them in tip-top shape all year round is vital. Because the heat pump is permanently installed outside in the cold, some parts might freeze. If it is freezing outside, you may hear your heat pump enter defrost mode several times.

Every time this happens, it is normal to hear your heat pump make a “swooshing” sound as your heat pump is simply trying to keep you warm. You can contact our HVAC contractors to ensure that your heating and cooling system is in good condition if the noises sound unusual.

Choose The HVAC Services That Focus On Boosting System Performance

The best way to avoid a noisy heat pump is to keep your unit in good working order. You can accomplish this by hiring an HVAC professional from Cool Tech Mechanical to perform regular heat pump maintenance twice a year. We provide effective solutions for heat pump repair in Arlington, TX, all year round, so you will never be stuck in a rut.

HVAC servicing ensures that your heat pump is functioning correctly and that your heating or air conditioning will not fail when needed. Contact us at (817) 904-5258 or email us for seasonal inspection.