Why Is a Too-Powerful Air Conditioner a Problem?

In the HVAC industry, one of the most frequent misconceptions we run into is that the bigger the AC you have for your house, the better! This is not true, and people who fall into this trap must get AC repair quicker than expected.

Issues That Can Arise When an AC is Oversized:

  • Higher Cooling Costs

You know your electric bill increases in the summer, mainly when the heat constantly forces you to run your air conditioner. However, if you install an oversized air conditioner in your house, you’ll pay more for summer utility costs. This is because an oversized air conditioner will turn off and on more frequently to keep your home at a steady temperature.

Unfortunately, having a cooler home might not result from those higher utility expenses. If you keep using a large AC, you will soon be searching for an air conditioner parts store near me.

  • More Humidity

If humidity levels in your area are already high, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to add to the situation. When your home has an air conditioner that is the correct size, it will operate long enough to remove the majority of the extra humidity from the air. However, if your air conditioner is oversized, it will only run for brief periods.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t even come close to being long enough to get rid of the humidity, so your home will still be damp. You’ll need to be concerned about mold growth and the increased humidity in your home.

  • Incorrect Cycling

Each cycle should take your air conditioner between 7 and 10 minutes to complete when operating correctly. Anything under that is a short cycle, and anything beyond that is a long cycle. You risk having your air conditioner overheat whenever it short-cycles. That’s because short cycles put too much strain on the air conditioner.

Your air conditioner’s continuous on or off cycles are to blame for this. Unfortunately, once the initial blast of cold air is pushed into the house, an oversized air conditioner causes your system to short cycle. Have your home measured for the correct size if your air conditioner has been short cycling since you installed the system.

  • Hot Spots All Over the House

Your home will have hot areas or uneven cooling if your air conditioner is too large. Hot patches are more likely to develop when cold air doesn’t spread through the house sufficiently. If you keep using an oversized AC, you will soon be searching for AC repair in Arlington, TX.

You’ll observe that although some of your rooms are cold and cozy, others are warm and stuffy. Inconsistent temperatures will also result from uneven airflow through the ducts.

  • Reduced AC Life

Select an AC that is the proper size for your home if you want to give your air conditioner a long life. A larger unit can initially appear to be preferable. An oversized air conditioner, however, experiences premature wear and tear.

The short cycle can be partly blamed for premature wear and tear. These brief power spikes ultimately lead to higher repair expenses and a shorter lifespan for your air conditioner.


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