Why Does The Air Conditioning Unit Emit a Chemical-Like Smell?

An air conditioning unit can be your best ally during the summers. But, if the moment you switch on the air conditioning unit, it emits a chemical-like smell, then it’s undoubtedly a matter of concern. There can be some reasons why the unit is emitting such a smell. To maintain the longevity of the appliance, it is essential to call an Air Purifiers Arlington, TXwithout causing any delay. 

Reasons why an air conditioning unit is emitting a chemical-like smell

  • Open chemical containers near the indoor air handler
    Your air conditioner is made up of two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. In homes, most indoor units (also known as air handlers) are located in a basement, closet, or attic. Many homeowners keep cleaning or painting supplies in these areas.
    If the chemical container in the vicinity of the indoor air conditioning unit is leaking, then the indoor unit will suck those fumes and blow them out into your home. As a result, you notice a chemical-like odor emitting from the AC unit.

  • Leaking refrigerant
    Your air conditioner refrigerant is its lifeline. The air conditioning unit uses refrigerant to remove heat from the warm air in your home. The refrigerant flows through closed copper coils. These copper coils can crack and cause the refrigerants to leak over time. The chemical-like odor you’re smelling could be the refrigerant, which has a sweet, chloroform scent.
    If you have a refrigerant leak, you will notice other signs, such as:

    1. Warm air is coming out from AC vents
    2. The refrigerant lines have ice on them
    3. A hissing or bubbling sound near your air conditioner
    4. High utility bills

  • Ozone leaking out from the electronic air cleaners
    The chemical odor you’re smelling could be coming from your electrostatic air filter. Most of these filters during regular operation produce ozone, an inorganic molecule with a chlorine-like odor.
    You will notice a more pungent odor if you are exposed to unhealthy ozone levels from your air cleaner. You may also experience symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath. If the smell continues to emit for a longer period, contact professionals for AC repair in Arlington, TX.

  • Glue stuck in the new ductwork
    Is your ductwork new? If this is the case, the chemical odor you’re smelling could be caused by the new glue that holds the ducts together. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to eliminate the odor caused due to the glue. It will naturally fade away. In the meantime, you can use air fresheners to mask the odor.
    When an unusual odor emanates from your air conditioner, it would be best to address the problem rather than ignore it. We’ll find the source of the odor and fix it right away, so you can get back to enjoying the cool air from the air conditioning unit. We can help you with all your requirements, whether residential or commercial HVAC service in Arlington, TX.

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