When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Replacing your air filter is an inexpensive way to maintain your HVAC system. Generally, if your HVAC system is used year-round, the filter needs to be changed every three months or 90 days.

HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX, suggest changing your home’s air filters to maintain the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system, decreasing energy costs. Air filters also prevent airborne allergens from spreading throughout your home. A filter is a great preventative measure to help your system run effectively and efficiently.

Signs That the Air Filter Needs to be Changed

  • Rising Electricity Bill

Maintenance and repair costs will inevitably increase if your air filter is dirty or clogged. Your air conditioner will work overtime to control the interior temperature when the air filters are clogged, resulting in increased electricity demand.

  • Less Cooling

A clogged air filter will prevent cool air from entering. If faced with this, it is advised to speak with a reputable AC maintenance or air filter replacement servicer in Arlington, TX.

  • Unusual Odor

When the filter becomes clogged with debris, contaminants in the air are spread throughout your house. As a result, you may experience discomfort with allergy-related illnesses frequently, and your air conditioner may emit a foul odor.

Servicing a clogged air filter is useful to enable an air conditioner to operate efficiently and produce cooler, fresher air. This can make your home feel more comfortable and effectively minimize allergic reactions brought on by dust.

  • More Dust

Try to perform a complete inspection of the air filters. If your air filters appear damaged or dirty, it is time to contact air purifier experts in Arlington, TX. Your dirty filters can contaminate the machine, negatively impacting how well the air circulates in your home. Another noticeable sign that the air filters need to be replaced is if there is dust and debris on them.

Congested air filters frequently release dirt and pollutants into the appliance, which can be spread through the air vents. Look carefully for dust and debris in the areas surrounding your property, especially those closest to the vents.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your air filters are clogged, your air conditioner may build dangerous and airborne contaminants. Undoubtedly, you will feel highly uncomfortable if that occurs frequently. Your health might suffer as a result of polluted air.

One of the leading causes of poor air quality is dirty and clogged air conditioner filters. It may be time to contact an AC service provider if you experience symptoms like frequent migraine and general discomfort. These suggest that the air quality of your home has reached harmful levels.

It’s simple to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by changing the air filter. However, Cool Tech Mechanical is available if you have problems with your HVAC system. Our staff will assist with any inquiries you may have. Call us at (817) 904-5258 or send us an e-mail here to schedule an AC Installation for your home in Arlington, TX.