What Type of AC Should I Install?

Air conditioners are widely used in homes, businesses, and retail spaces. They are found in nearly every residence and play an essential role in the appliances needed for a home. However, choosing an air conditioning system for the first time can be overwhelming. To help, the types of air conditioners that use refrigerants to transfer heat energy are listed below. With so many options available, the selection process can seem endless.

Types Of Air Conditioners Available For Purchase:

  1. A Central Air Conditioning System: A central air conditioner is a popular option for effectively cooling large homes. It works by distributing cool air through supply and return ducts. The cooled air is then distributed into the home through vents in the walls or flooring. Once it warms up, the air is recirculated back to the air conditioner through the ducts. A central air conditioner may be the best choice if you have a large space. Contact our experts in HVAC services in Arlington, TX, for a free consultation today.
  2. Window Air Conditioning Units: Window-mounted air conditioners are commonly installed in windows but can also be inserted through a hole in the wall with the help of a professional. These units are well-suited for apartments and single-story homes. They are designed to fit various window types and come in different sizes. As the unit’s size increases, so do its cooling capacity. However, it’s important to note that window air conditioners have a limited cooling capacity due to their small size and fixed location.

Hybrid Cooling Systems:

Like hybrid cars, hybrid heat pump systems alternate between electric and fossil fuel operations. The design intelligently chooses between the two energy sources to conserve money and energy. Increasing energy prices need not be a hostage scenario for you.

Your heat pump maintains regular operation during the summer by extracting heat from your home and releasing it outside. During the winter, your hybrid heat pump system acts in reverse, taking heat from the outside air and distributing it throughout your home. The Second Law of Thermodynamics asserts that heat can flow from a hot object to a cool one.

  • Moveable Air Conditioner: Portable air conditioners are comparable to window air conditioners. They are similarly housed in a single unit with all their components contained therein, but this unit is freestanding and can be moved from room to room. To be operational, it merely requires access to a window through which the unit’s air can be vented via its funnel and an electrical outlet.
  • Mounted Floor Air Conditioners: If you desire a mini-split but lack the space for a wall-mounted unit, floor-mounted air conditioners are designed for convenience. The interior unit of floor-mounted air conditioners rests on the floor, while the outdoor unit can be installed with minimal or no ductwork and site preparation.
    This arrangement is ideal for structures constructed of fragile materials, such as glass, or locations with sloping walls, such as attics.


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