What to Consider When Purchasing a New AC System?

North Texas can experience average temperatures as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit and have a record high of 113 degrees during the summer. Choosing the AC that best suits your needs becomes essential in these conditions. Thank goodness air conditioners are now much more efficient and versatile in maintaining your year-round comfort. If you are looking for AC systems ideal for your home, consult an expert AC contractor in Arlington, TX.

Before Making An AC Purchase, Consider These Factors:

  • Tonnage

Choosing the right capacity for your new air conditioner in Arlington, TX, is crucial. A unit that is too small may struggle to keep you cool during hot summer days or when hosting large groups. On the other hand, oversizing can lead to short cycling, increased energy consumption, and humidity control problems.

The best way to determine the correct size is to conduct a manual J heat load calculation, taking into account factors such as online real estate data and any energy upgrades (such as upgraded windows or added insulation) that have been made to the home. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to air conditioner sizing.

  • Energy Efficiency

Given the rising cost of electricity, buying an AC that can provide you with the best cooling while using the least power is imperative. When an air conditioner’s SEER rating is higher, it operates more efficiently and consumes less electricity.

  • Installation

Using proper installation protocols such as flushing and evacuating lines and coils to remove old oil, moisture, and other non-condensable parts from the refrigeration circuit will help ensure the longevity of the new equipment.

Pulling a city permit and having a city inspector come out to approve the installation will give you the peace of mind that the system was installed to the current code and is safe to operate.

  • Filtration and indoor air quality

It is important to have a good filter system to protect the equipment and to improve air quality. We recommend a 4” pleated or larger thickness filter as these are less air restrictive and cost less in the long run since they hold more dirt and don’t have to be replaced as often.

You can also add indoor air quality devices, such as a photocatalytic air purifier, that will remove or neutralize viruses and other organic pollutants in the air.

  • Inverter or Non-Inverter AC

DC (Direct Current) power is converted to AC power by inverters (Alternating Current). Inverter air conditioners have higher switching frequencies, making them more dynamic. By varying the tonnage or capacity of the air conditioner, you are effectively allowing the compressor to operate variably.

This will give you a system that has hundreds of speeds. Running at very low speeds in milder weather conditions uses less power, has longer run times, maintains even temperatures, and removes more humidity.

The unit will ramp up to higher capacities in hotter conditions to remove more heat when needed.

A standard non-inverter system will run at one or two speeds. These systems will cost less but are also less versatile. They are still a good option and will do the job they are designed for. They are a good choice for those who can’t justify the higher price of the inverter systems.

  • Warranty

By default, new AC units have 5-year parts and one-year labor warranties. At Cool Tech Mechanical, however, we ensure the new equipment is registered with the manufacturer, extending the parts warranty to 10 years. Cool Tech Mechanical also includes a minimum of a 2-year labor warranty with a 5-year and 10-year labor warranty included on select systems. An AM best-rated insurance company backs this labor warranty.

For more information, please call us at (817) 904-5258 or email at [email protected] if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner and want to know more about the different residential air conditioning system types, their features, and the benefits and drawbacks. Additionally, if you are searching for an AC service in Arlington, TX, we are happy to help.