What Is A Typical HVAC Warranty

Your heating and cooling system costs a significant amount of money. With warranties, you can ensure that you won’t have substantial repair costs in the future. You’ll get two different HVAC warranties when you buy a new furnace and air conditioner.

The manufacturer offers a warranty on the HVAC systems and will pay for any necessary repairs or replacements throughout the warranty period. Additionally, our HVAC contractor will provide you with written confirmation that the labor expenses for any future upkeep and repairs are covered. Contact Cool Tech Mechanical for the best HVAC services in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Two Main Categories of HVAC Warranties

Manufacturers HVAC Warranty

Strong equipment warranties are frequently provided by HVAC manufacturers, covering your system for up to five years. You must pick a manufacturer confident enough to promise you an HVAC warranty that will last for most of the system’s anticipated lifespan.

HVAC Warranty Labor

The quality of a labor warranty from an HVAC firm varies significantly in contrast to equipment warranties. For instance, top-notch HVAC technicians may provide a labor guarantee that covers the whole lifespan of the heater and air conditioner. For a service warranty, other installation providers could charge you more. When looking for a heating and conditioning firm, pay close attention to the quality of labor warranties.

Three Actions That May Cancel Your HVAC Warranty

To avoid finding out your warranty has expired during a repair call, it’s important to be aware of the common reasons that HVAC manufacturers may invalidate a warranty. Contact a professional for commercial HVAC service in Arlington, TX, to learn more. Here are three situations that will likely void your warranty:

  1. Incorrect Installation: If you use a reputable HVAC provider for the installation, you can ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty will be respected. Professional installers have the necessary skills and experience to preserve the warranty. On the other hand, if you use an unproven provider, there is a risk that the warranty will not be honored.
  2. Repairs Made Off-Label: Be aware that using non-original parts during a repair can void many manufacturers’ warranties. Some HVAC repair companies use non-original parts to cut costs, but this can have serious consequences for your warranty.
  3. Failure to Keep Up with Maintenance: When it comes to your heating system, you shouldn’t forget about routine maintenance. If there are issues with the system, you might need to provide evidence that you’ve been doing the necessary maintenance on your heater and air conditioner to make use of the warranty. Using a professional provider for regular maintenance is the best method to demonstrate that you take good care of your HVAC system.


It is vital to know about your system’s warranty. Contact Cool Tech Mechanical for heat pump repair and other services in Arlington, TX. We have a team of expert professionals ready to serve you and help with all your HVAC problems.