What Happens When A Heat Pump Compressor Goes Out?

The compressor is the most prominent component of your heating equipment. HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX, commonly refer to this component as the system’s heart. Without it, the appliance would be unable to perform its functions. Keeping this in mind, you must always ensure that the compressor is in excellent shape.

What Is A Compressor?

A compressor’s purpose is to pressurize the refrigerant to extract heat from the room’s air and discharge it into the surroundings. The compressor is the central component of every HVAC system. It performs the bulk of the necessary mechanical work to move the gas through the system and compresses it to the proper volume.

Many individuals are unaware that the compressor in a heat pump serves the same fundamental function as it does in an air conditioner. It compresses the gas and passes it to the indoor or outdoor condenser coil, where heat exchange occurs. The compressor is susceptible to various problems, which could cause a sudden loss of heating.

If it fails, you may require heat pump repair or replacements. Contact Cool Tech Mechanical if you are facing any issues with your heat pump compressors. We are one of the best HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX.

If you have any cause to suspect that the compressor in your air conditioner is failing, you should always have a skilled professional examine the situation as soon as possible.

Signs That The Heat Pump Compressor is Failing

Leaks From the System

Suppose you observe leaks in any system region. In that case, it is a serious problem since it has the potential to affect your health. You may hear a hissing sound if you listen to the compressor when it is functioning.

If this condition persists, your air conditioner will no longer be able to produce cool air because it lacks the necessary ingredients. Our trained HVAC expert for commercial HVAC services in Arlington, TX, will address this issue immediately.

Reduced Airflow

Several subtle indications, such as decreased airflow, show a heat pump’s compressor is failing. When the compressor exhibits wear and tear symptoms, the unit’s ability to create a continuous air stream is compromised.

There may be times when it does an excellent job of maintaining a pleasant temperature within your home, and other times when it blasts just warm or hot air into the room. As soon as you see a decrease in airflow, you must call for heat pump repair in Arlington, TX.

An Issue with the Compressor's Startup

When you inspect the indoor unit, it can look like the fan is running normally. Nonetheless, you should still investigate the condensing unit. To begin, you should attempt to start the compressor by lowering the thermostat’s temperature. If it does not start up, it may have been made ineffective by several underlying factors. To fix this issue, you must immediately call Cool Tech Mechanical for commercial HVAC services in Arlington, TX.


The compressor of a heat pump is a complex component essential to its operation. It is also highly costly as a replacement part and is challenging to fix. Contact Cool Tech Mechanical if you are facing any issues with your heat pump compressors. We are one of the best HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding areas.