What Does It Mean To Service An Air Conditioner?

We all know an air conditioner comes with a 12 to 15-year warranty, but what keeps it efficient for these many years? Yearly air conditioner service and timely repairs are the answer.

Air conditioner service, also known as AC tune-up, means professionally inspecting and enhancing the air conditioner’s operational unit.

After getting an AC installation for your home in Arlington, TX, you can expect high-quality AC performance yearly, but only if we schedule AC services annually or bi-annually.

Several services for different components of your system collectively form an annual AC service. The air conditioner services include:

  • Replacement of Air Filter

Although the air filter needs to be replaced every month, don’t worry if you forget to replace it occasionally. The dirty air filter will be replaced during your annual AC check-up. A dirty filter can restrict the airflow, but this problem will get fixed during AC service.

  • A thorough Cleaning of the Air Conditioning Unit

The air filters get dirty, but the dirt particles and dust can also reach other AC components and make them clogged. To prevent the drawbacks of clogging, deep cleaning of the AC unit is necessary. An air conditioner service includes cleaning up AC components.

  • Unblocking the Drain Lines

The drain line covered with dirt gets blocked, resulting in water leakage. However, the technician will unblock the drain lines during the annual air conditioning service, and you will not have to face any issues due to blockage in the drain lines.

  • Indoor and Outdoor AC Unit Inspection

As wisely said, “prevention is better than cure,” and a thorough AC inspection is better than frequent repairs. Therefore, inspection is one of the most critical parts of the air conditioner service procedure. Due to the AC inspection, you will learn the quality and condition of each AC component and can take practical next steps to fix them.

It will also let you know if you require air conditioning repair for your unit in Arlington, TX.

  • Wiring and Circuit Breaker Check-Up

The inspection during AC services is not limited to AC units only. It also includes an examination of the power supply connections and circuit breaker to find and fix any faults on time. Inspecting defects in wiring and troubleshooting them on time is extremely important to prevent short circuits or fire risks.

  • Detecting the Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant gas is used continuously to provide you with efficient cooling. During this process, or sometimes due to leaks, its level can get reduced.

The technician will check the refrigerant level during the AC tune-up and refill the refrigerant gas. The HVAC expert will also check the ducts and insulation to verify if there is any damage. If any damage is in air ducts or insulation, that damage will be fixed immediately.

Cool Tech Mechanical knows what is best for the HVAC system. Our skilled employees will efficiently repair, service, and replace the HVAC units. Our heating and cooling solutions come with satisfaction, warranty, and affordability. Connect with us to give your HVAC system only the best, high-standard services.