What Can Go Wrong When You Skip This Important AC Maintenance Step

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When one part of an air conditioner is not working correctly, the entire system can suffer. This is true for trouble with your electrical components, motors, coils, refrigerant levels, and all of the electro-mechanical parts that all work together to help you stay cool. But would you guess that the state of your air filter is just as important to the operation of your AC installation Arlington TX as all of those other parts?

Replacing Your Air Filter Matters

Yes, even the air filter must be in good condition in order for your air conditioner to run smoothly. Part of AC maintenance Arlington TX includes replacing the filter every month or so. And when you skip this important maintenance step, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Poor performance from the HVAC system

A clogged filter is a bigger issue than you might guess. Over the course of a month or two, enough dirt and debris can build up in the filter to block airflow from moving into the system. This forces the AC to work harder to try to get air in, which can ultimately wear out components of the system, lead to repairs, and keep you less comfortable.

Lowered efficiency

The efficiency of your air conditioner is affected when the system cannot pull in the right amount of air, but works harder to attempt to do so anyway. Simply changing the filter can lower your monthly bills and keep your Air Purifiers Arlington, TX from wearing out.

Shorter lifespan

Even if you don’t necessarily notice the effects of a dirty air filter right away, it’s sure to affect your system in the long term, especially if you’re one of those who almost never touches the filter. The air conditioner can wear down with all that extra strain forced upon it, and you might end up with a system that doesn’t actually last for as long as it should.

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