Ways to Increase the Durability of Your HVAC System

Most homeowners’ biggest concern regarding HVAC is learning how to extend its life. The tips below will help you prolong the life of your HVAC system and prevent the need for air conditioning repair for as long as possible.

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How Can You Increase The Durability Of Your HVAC System?

Change The Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter keeps dust, pollen, dirt, and pet hair from getting into your system. The filter won’t work if it is too dirty or overloaded with contaminants. This results in an inefficient HVAC system, which has to work harder to produce the same amount of cool or warm air. The system will wear faster and require more repairs. This can be avoided by more frequent air filter replacement.

Additionally, choose a filter with a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) if you have allergies. Finer filters can prevent more allergens from entering the air in your home. Call Cool Tech Mechanical today if you reside in Arlington, TX, and require assistance choosing the right filter for your home or for filter installation.

Routine Maintenance

Hiring one of our HVAC professionals to perform regular maintenance for your system can help increase its life. A typical service involves a complete system inspection in which the technician checks for worn or damaged components and performs a quick efficiency test. The technician will identify problem areas and make repairs before they become more serious.

Repairing Issues Immediately

Getting your heating or cooling system checked as soon as possible is essential if you suspect something is wrong. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge or experience to look at their air conditioners and furnaces and diagnose the issue. You should immediately turn off the HVAC system and call a technician from a reputable HVAC company in Arlington, TX if you hear strange noises or smell unpleasant odors.

Keep The Vents Open

Many homeowners believe they can reduce energy consumption by closing vents in rooms they don’t use as often. However, this tactic can make your system less efficient and cause it to work harder. Your ducts can be damaged quickly if the pressure rises due to blocked vents. In areas where vents or registers are closed, cracks and splits could be seen in your ducts. Our experts for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, suggest keeping them open in all your rooms.

Cleaning The Ducts Every Year

Dirt, dust, and other debris can cause system failure and excessive wear. One of our professional HVAC technicians can clean the ducts to remove dirt and debris, allowing the air to flow freely through the system without contaminating it. Regular air duct cleaning can also improve air quality.

Pay Attention To The Outdoor Unit

Keep any trees or plants near the unit trimmed to prevent them from getting clogged. To remove any debris that could block vents or restrict airflow, vacuum the coils and enclosure at the beginning of each season. You can use a hose to clean the coil inside the condenser, but keep the spray light to prevent damage.

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