Should My Furnace Fan Run All The Time?

The furnace is essential heating equipment found in almost all the residential and commercial spaces in Texas. Furnace becomes a blessing during winter as it generates hot air with electricity or natural gas. 

To ensure that you enjoy the heat from the surface, your furnace has to be regularly inspected with the help of a Heating Service Arlington, TX. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to maintaining your furnace and getting the most out of it.

When it comes to maintenance, most homeowners have queries regarding some of the other parts of the furnace. Having questions is a positive aspect as you are well aware of what can harm your furnace. 

One question that is extensively asked is whether the furnace fan should run continuously? Does running the furnace fan at all times lead to furnace damage? And a lot more questions around the same topic. 

Here are the benefits of running the furnace fan continuously, to answer your question: 

Better Circulation of Hot Air

With your furnace fan running continuously, the temperature of your home will even out. As heat rises, leaving the lower levels of your room colder than above, the furnace fans can help eliminate this problem. Your space becomes evenly heated and makes you feel comfortable.

Cleaner Air Quality

For people with allergies and asthma, a furnace fan can help enhance the air quality as the constant fan rotation enables the constant passing of the air through the furnace filters. Thus, a continuous furnace fan keeps the airflow clean from allergens.

Variable Speed Motor Makes Heating Efficient

If your furnace has a variable speed motor, running your furnace fan at all times can lead to better heating and a warmer house during winters. It also saves you money in the long run as you decrease the use of your furnace. You can switch to a variable speed motor the next time you schedule a furnace repair in Arlington, TX.

Extend The Life of Your Furnace

Though it may sound strange, the constant running of your furnace fan helps extend the life of your furnace. Every furnace is designed to run all the time, given that its installation is done without any error. It is extremely inconvenient for the motor to stop and start repeatedly. This can cause damage to the furnace as it is easier for the motor to keep running than start again.

A drawback of always running your furnace fan is that it can cause a spike in your electric bill. However, if your furnace has a high-efficiency motor, this won’t be a problem. You will rather save money in the long run. Ultimately, continuously running your furnace is not bad for your furnace.

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