Replacing Your Air Conditioner: Know the Signs

When the summer heat hits, You don’t want to deal with a broken air conditioner. Keeping your home cool throughout the hottest months of the year is crucial, and a working AC system is essential for doing so. However, as with any HVAC system, your air conditioning unit will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. Knowing when it’s time to replace your AC unit is crucial. Cool Tech Mechanical, your go-to AC contractor in Arlington, TX, is here to discuss the warning signs that indicate it’s time to consider a system replacement.

Age Of Your Unit

The age of your air conditioning is a significant factor in determining whether it’s time to replace it. Most air conditioning units last 10-15 years, with some lasting up to 20 years with proper maintenance. If your unit is approaching or exceeding its expected lifespan and you’re considering an upgrade, contact the Cool Tech Mechanical professionals for a reliable air conditioning replacement in Arlington, TX, and all nearby areas.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a steady yet surely spike in your monthly energy bills? Your air conditioner could be the culprit. As your unit ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, leading to increased energy consumption, which in turn leads to higher bills. If you’re seeing a significant increase in energy bills without an apparent reason, it could be time for a replacement.

Frequent Repairs

Are you constantly calling in AC repair contractors to fix your unit? Frequent repairs may indicate that your AC unit is on its last legs. Over time, the cost of repairs can add up, making it more cost-effective to replace your unit entirely.

Poor Air Quality

Your air conditioning unit is vital in maintaining indoor air quality. An increase in dust, mold, or other allergens in your home signifies that your AC unit can no longer filter the air to provide safe and healthy air. Contact us, and our HVAC experts will help you determine whether it is fixable or whether a new AC installation in Arlington, TX, is warranted.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioning unit should operate quietly and efficiently. If you hear uncommon noises from your unit, it usually indicates a more severe underlying problem. A screeching or grinding noise could indicate that your compressor is failing, and a banging noise could mean a loose component in your unit. Our equipped and experienced AC contractors can assess and suggest the finest course of action moving forward.

Uneven Cooling

Uneven cooling is a common sign of an AC unit no longer functioning correctly. If your cooling unit is unable to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your space, it may be time for an air conditioning replacement in your Arlington, TX, home.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is vital to the cooling process in your air conditioning unit. If you’re experiencing a refrigerant leak, your unit won’t be able to cool your indoors efficiently. A failing compressor, corroded coils, or worn-out connections could cause a refrigerant leak. If you’re repeatedly experiencing refrigerant leaks, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Call In The Professionals

At Cool Tech Mechanical, we understand that replacing your air conditioning unit can be a significant investment. That’s why we provide our loyal customers with numerous financing options to help make the process more affordable. Our experienced AC contractors in Arlington, TX, will collaborate with you to select the best replacement unit for your needs and budget. We also provide annual maintenance to guarantee that your new AC unit performs efficiently for many years.

Don't wait until your HVAC unit breaks down to suffer in the heat. Contact us today to schedule your replacement appointment and keep your indoor space comfortable all year round.