HVAC Emergency: Recognizing the Seriousness of a Furnace

Proper installation and maintenance of a furnace by an HVAC professional can go a long way in ensuring its flawless operation. While minor faults can be tackled easily, there might be times when your furnace requires more immediate attention than usual. Therefore, identifying the severity of the exact issue can help you decide whether it warrants contacting an Commercial HVAC Service in Arlington, TX

Signs that Indicate Furnace Emergencies

  • Electrical Problems
    Proper electricity is of vital importance. It keeps your family comfortable by powering your HVAC systems. Therefore, you should ensure that the lights don’t flicker when you turn your heater on. Problems like these that concern your electrical system require the immediate attention of a professional. 

  •  Strange and Loud Noises from the Furnace
    Unusual sounds coming from your furnace could signal an underlying problem. Insulating the ductwork could solve the problem if you think the noise is due to the passage of air in the ductwork. However, loud noises arising from the actual furnace can be due to improper adjustment of pilot lights or insufficient lubrication of blower motor ports.
    Weird noises like Popping sounds could be due to thermal expansion. Loose panels might trigger rattling noises while squealing noises could indicate the need for belt replacement. However, grinding noises from the furnace are a cause of alarm, and you should promptly schedule an emergency Furnace Repair in Arlington, TX.

  • Furnace Turns on and off Rapidly
    If your furnace is turning on and off quickly, there might be many reasons for this. One common cause could be a weathered air filter that hasn’t been replaced in a while. You can replace the old filter easily by yourself.
    If the new filter doesn’t solve the issue, there might be a fault in the blower motor or the belts. In that case, we recommend scheduling an emergency furnace repair. 

  • Extremely Unpleasant Odor
    If you happen to smell an extremely unpleasant odor resembling that of rotten eggs, you should evacuate your house immediately and call emergency service. We strongly recommend staying outdoors till the emergency service arrives. The characteristic smell of rotten eggs is a sign of a gas leak.
    It’s interesting to note that the smell is caused due to the addition of mercaptan in natural gas to make the gas leak detectable. 

  • The Pilot Flame isn’t Blue
    If the pilot light flame in your furnace is yellowish, it might indicate a problem with the combustion. More commonly, combustion problems result from excess carbon monoxide that might prove hazardous to people and pets.
    Natural gas consists of methane which imparts a blue color to the pilot flame. Therefore, you should call an HVAC contractor in Arlington, TXif the flame color is off. 

A well-working furnace adds value to your quality of living by providing efficient heating. It is always recommended to maintain the furnace to ensure the comfort of your family. However, if severe problems arise, it is always best to schedule HVAC service in Arlington, TX

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