How Do I Re-Light A Pilot Light?

The pilot light in the main burner lights up the natural gas. The gas is released through a valve during furnace operation and is ignited when it comes into contact with the pilot light. The pilot light is fueled by natural gas from a tube in your gas line. If the pilot light goes out, a safety valve is activated and stops the gas flow, preventing potential gas buildup and ensuring safety.

Bringing A Pilot Light Back To Life

Collect and Arrange the Necessary Tools and Materials

You will need a flashlight and a long-reach lighter or long-handled match to relight your pilot light. If you do not have suitable tools, you can use a tightly curled piece of paper instead. You can also contact professionals for HVAC repair in Arlington, TX, and trust them to do the job for you.

Check the Guidelines Provided By The Manufacturer

In most cases, furnaces have a conspicuous label that explains how to relight the pilot light. If you are still looking for a label on the heating system, look for pertinent information in the unit’s manual or the company’s website. A professional for heating repair in Arlington, TX, will be happy to assist you if you encounter any problems.

Find The Pilot Light For The Furnace

If you’ve read the unit’s instructions or encountered similar issues before, you probably know where the pilot light is. Then, look for a switch with three parameters on the bottom of the furnace: pilot, on, and off.

Allow The Gas To Escape

When you locate the switch or knob, turn it to the off position. It seals the valve and prevents gas from escaping. After the knob is turned off, any excess gas will disappear. Please wait at least five minutes after turning off the pilot light before turning it back on to prevent starting the fire or injuring yourself. After that, set it to pilot.

Switch On The Pilot Light Again

Light a match, then press the reset button to allow gas to flow to the pilot. Keep your flame close to the pilot light’s entrance. When the pilot light is steady, keep pressing the reset button. Hold the control for a moment, then release it.

Keep An Eye On The Furnace

Your furnace should begin running automatically when you relight the pilot light and release the reset button. Ensure that there are no drafts or other air sources in the area that could have caused the pilot light to go out. A common cause of pilot light issues is a malfunctioning thermocouple. If you notice a blockage in the pilot tube, it could indicate that a thermocouple needs to be replaced. It is advisable to get a technician’s help for this task.


Knowing how to relight a pilot light on older gas appliances is important, as electric starters are now more common in newer devices. To relight the pilot light on a gas furnace, water heater, oven, or stove, consult the instructions for your specific device. If you require heat pump repair in Arlington, TX, contact Cool Tech Mechanical. Our trained staff will assist you throughout the process. Contact us today for more information.