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Home Performance Services in Ft. Worth, TX by Cool Tech Mechanical

If you feel that your energy bills are higher than they should be, or that your home is drafty or sometimes uncomfortably hot and you are unsure of the reason, than you may have a problem with home performance. Think of your house as an energy system: just like an appliance, it could start to run ineffectively and waste energy. But there are whole-house energy improvements you can have done that will result in superior comfort and a significant decrease in your bills.

To get started with increasing home performance in Ft. Worth, TX, call up Cool Tech Mechanical. We provide energy audits that will show you where you should focus your efforts. We also supply important services to stop energy waste, such as the installation of energy efficient windows and better insulation. Contact our energy auditors today to schedule an appointment.

The energy efficiency experts at Cool Tech Mechanical offer thorough home performance services in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Arrange for Home Performance services

The first reason to schedule home performance services is that it will save you money. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the typical utility bill savings for a home after it undergoing professional improvements is 20% or greater. However, you’ll receive more than a decrease in expenses. With heat leaks and drafts sealed up, you’ll have greater comfort, and your air conditioner and heater will no longer struggle with a faulty ventilation system. Saving money and enjoying your time indoors go hand–in–hand with home performance improvements.

There’s another advantage to increasing your home performance that extends beyond the walls of your house: energy savings benefit the environment as well. If every homeowner made an effort to reduce energy waste, the drop in greenhouse emissions from power plants would drastically benefit the planet.

Ft. Worth TX Home Performance Services

Making your home more energy efficient combines a number of different tasks. Let our experts find out what work you need done for the best comfort and energy savings.

Duct Sealing

Leaky air ducts are one of the leading causes of energy loss in homes, since they create a drop in air pressure that places extra strain on the heating and cooling system. Our professionals will use the latest duct sealing equipment to restore your ducts’ airtightness.

Duct Testing

Since you can’t see most of the ductwork in your home, how will you know that it needs sealing? This is where professional duct testing is invaluable. We will pressurize your ventilation system to identify where your ductwork requires repair work.

Energy Audit

The first step toward thorough home performance improvement is to schedule an energy audit from professionals. This provides a comprehensive examination of the energy systems in your home and an analysis of the building’s heat seal. Once our auditors are finished, they will give you a rundown on all the work you need to do to increase energy efficiency for your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows allow in large amounts of heat during the summer, and they also permit heat an easy place to escape during winter. You can make significant improvements in your home’s performance with the installation of the right energy efficient windows in place of your old ones.


The insulation in your walls and the attic is essential for keeping excess heat from moving into and out of your home—it isn’t just for cold weather! Our insulation installers will help put in the new insulation necessary to keep your home comfortable no matter the season.

Call Us to Schedule Home Performance Services

Cool Tech Mechanical is glad to offer a full suite of services for improving your home’s energy efficiency. Arrange for an energy audit with us in Ft. Worth to get started, and then let us deliver the work that will lower your bills and heighten your comfort.