Got Allergies? Upgrade Your HVAC System Today!

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When your allergies are acting up, you hope for relief when you go inside and get away from the allergens in the air outdoors. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. And, as it turns out, your allergies might even get worse indoors. The EPA estimates that a large number of homes and buildings have worse air quality than what you get outside in the fresh air.

Improve Your HVAC System to Protect Against Allergens

Of course, opening the window would mean a lot of discomfort too, especially as temperatures get higher and higher and the summertime weather keeps you going back to the thermostat to stay cool.

You have an air filter replacement Arlington TX in place to protect your AC installation Arlington TX, or HVAC system and your heater, and you (hopefully) change it every 1-3 months. While it also helps to filter out allergens, some of the smaller allergens might still be able to pass through.

If your allergies act up even after you’ve changed the filter, we recommend making any of the following changes to your HVAC system, with the help of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and AC Contractor Arlington, TX) expert.

  • Get a better filter: A filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) can help to keep more irritants out of the air. Consult with a technician to make sure your new filter won’t interfere with your airflow.
  • Upgrade to a whole-home filtration system: A whole-home filtration system uses a filter with a larger surface area to trap more contaminants, like mold spores and pet dander, than standard air filters can.
  • Choose an electronic unit: An electronic air purifier uses an ionization process to charge particles in the air so that they cling onto metal plates inside of the system, which you’ll have to clean off from time to time. You can also get a UV light system for your HVAC system that specifically targets germs like bacteria.

If your allergies are acting up inside of your HVAC repair Arlington TX home, call Cool Tech Mechanical today for our award-winning customer service.