Does Your Furnace Need A Tune Up?

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Why You Need A Furnace Tune Up

Your furnace has a tendency to accumulate dirt, dust and other particles over time. This can affect the efficiency of your furnace. If your furnace is less efficient, then it will have to work harder in order to warm up your home. A furnace tune up will ensure that your heating system works properly. Contact us to get Commercial HVAC Service in Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas.

Your furnace will also be less likely to fail. A furnace that works properly will last a lot longer. Additionally, tuning up your furnace can save your life.

Your furnace produces carbon monoxide when it is warming up your home. It is normal for a furnace to produce small amounts of carbon monoxide. The venting system carries the furnace carbon monoxide away from your home. However, if your furnace is not working properly, then carbon monoxide will start to build up in your home.

Furnace carbon monoxide can pose a number of dangers. If a person is exposed to small amounts of carbon monoxide, then they are likely to experience disorientation, wooziness and nausea. People who are exposed to large amounts of carbon monoxide for long periods of time are more likely to develop heart disease.

Furthermore, carbon monoxide poisoning can result from long-term exposure to carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide will end up in the lungs. The carbon monoxide attaches itself to the hemoglobin, which is the protein that carries oxygen. The person will be deprived of oxygen as the result of this.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. In fact, 400 hundred deaths per year are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. A well-functioning furnace is less likely to produce excess amounts of carbon monoxide.

Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is a gas that does not have a color or odor. That is why it is possible for you to have carbon monoxide and not know it.

We also recommend having good quality carbon monoxide detectors installed. Most smoke detectors do not detector carbon monoxide.

Signs It is Time for a Tune Up

A furnace tune up is something that you should get at least once a year. Ideally, you will need to get it done before the winter months start. There are also signs that you may notice if it is time for your furnace to get a tune up.

  • Your home is not as comfortable as it used to be. You may find that some parts of your house are warm, and others are cold.
  • Your air quality has been reduced. A dirty furnace can cause dirt, dust and other particles to circulate throughout your home.
  • Your furnace is making unusual noises.
  • You have noticed that the air flow is reduced.
  • Your furnace has a funny smell.
  • There is a lack of airflow. A lack of airflow may be a sign that your furnace is overheating.

If you want to know why and when you need to get your furnace repair Arlington TX, then you will need to get in touch with us today. We will help keep your furnace/heat pump repair Arlington TX working great for the years to come.