AC Replacement with Cool Tech Gives Back Program!

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Cool Tech Mechanical is happy to announce the latest recipient of our “Cool Tech Mechanical Gives Back” campaign.  Pat A. from Arlington has been a loyal long time service customer. She was first introduced to our company through a referral to our founder Joel in 2011. Joel, who lost his battle with cancer in 2014, took Pat on as his personal project and vowed to her in his words to “treat you like I would my own Mother”. And he did. Pat is very generous with her time in the service of helping those in need AC repair Arlington TX.  She is a Volunteer Coordinator for the St. Barnabas UMC Food Ministries. Where her duties include planning, purchasing, cooking, serving and cleaning with a staff of 50 volunteers.  Pat says, “Hard work? Sure, but with God’s helping hand we together achieve these great ministries. With a commitment, dedication, loyalty, love, faith and attitude to show our willingness and hospitality for the purpose of God’s love for one another. “

The Problem at Hand

Pats AC system was an old refrigerant 22 system that has been banned by government mandate. R-22 refrigerant is in the last stages of the mandated phase-out. This has caused a rapid and steep increase in the cost of the refrigerant. Pat’s coil, like so many others at that age, had a small leak and required recharging every year. This type of pinhole leak in the tubing is just not repairable. We nursed the unit along for a few years but the leak inevitably got larger and we started having to add refrigerant twice a year. Pat is on a fixed income and was trying to save up for a new system. And replacing the coil only would have locked her into an obsolete refrigerant. A complete system replacement was the only real solution & for AC installation in Arlington, TX. Contact us.

Cool Tech Mechanical’s Solution

We decided to honor Joel’s memory and show our appreciation to a loyal and deserving customer and member of the Cool Tech Mechanical family by doing what we knew Joel would have wanted and gifted Pat a new Amana 14 SEER system with the new R-410a refrigerant.

Our “Cool Tech Mechanical Gives Back” program is normally limited to minor repairs only but we felt this situation called for an exception.

Thank you, Pat, for your loyal patronaged and your selfless service to the community. We hope this gift and your volunteer work will be an inspiration to others to “Give Back” where they can for the greater good of our community.