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Cool Tech Mechanical

First they came out and diagnosed the problems with my A/C unit and because of the problems and age of unit it was recommended to get a complete new unit. They put me in contact with their salesman who came out looked at the property then emailed me a very detailed list of my options.

They did not pressure me in any way on what option I should do. I absolutely could've chosen the cheapest option and I'm sure would have been pleased. I personally opted for the most expensive option because I just recently moved into this home and plan on being here for 10 plus years. Every person that I've had contact with this company has been professional and friendly. I will absolutely use them for all my heating and A/C issues in the future.

- Amy P. in Arlington

I noticed that my AC was not cooling. The company I usually use takes about a day before they can come to my house. I remembered that I recently joined Angie's List and started looking up reviews for some AC/Heating companies close to my home. I noticed that Cool Tech was rated well, close to my home and was currently offering a special. After speaking to one the employees at Cool Tech over the phone, I purchased the advertised special. They sent a technician out within 2 hrs. He checked out my unit, made some adjustment and had my house cooling shortly thereafter. I'm glad I didn't wait an additional day or had to pay extra for someday service. I will be using Cool Tech again for future AC/Heating needs.

- Mary R. in Arlington

They were super efficient and courtesy. They were fair in pricing and made sure work was thorough.

- Cheryl G. in Arlington

The service call technician was very knowledgeable and prompt.

- Kimberlin H. in Arlington

I am a former HVAC engineer and a female. Usually I get the "little woman" treatment, but these guys listened to what I had to say and took me seriously. I used them last year for the upstairs unit and this year for the downstairs unit.

The only problem was that on a Sunday I requested a visit on Mon, Tues or Wed and got a written response that someone would be out on Mon, but when I called on Mon to confirm a time, they said it was scheduled for Tuesday....but they offered to correct it right away before I could even express disappointment. The guy came out and tested the temp drop for the top unit without charging an extra diagnostic fee. It was OK, so he then checked the downstairs unit and found a bad capacitor (cap). He said it would be $150 for him to provide and install the cap.

I asked him to give me a couple of minutes while I checked to see what the cap would cost online, and it was $50 and a long-ish drive for me and it was already 5pm. So I went out and he was in his truck with it running waiting, and when I said I wanted him to install his cap, he smiled and genuinely did not seem perturbed that I had changed my mind (although he seemed ready to go. It was 5pm, after all...) He changed the cap and I paid the bill and we chatted for a bit while we waited for the AC to cool the house down and there was a decent temp drop from the vent to the room, and then he left.

It was worth the extra $100 to have him install it and make sure there were no other issues besides the bad cap, to have AC that night, and to not have to take off work and drive across town to get the cap and install it myself. It was HOT HOT HOT outside, too.

I like these guys. The tech last year was very nice and tolerant of all my chatting about the system and he even showed me a tip or two on how to maintain the system while he was fixing it. (I was an HVAC engineer for commercial/industrial systems, not residential systems. I know enough to fix some things and also to get myself in real trouble, ha ha.) With the knowledge that I have about HVAC and electrical, these guys are the kind of service company you want: they are straight shooters (I didn't let on right away, I let them tell me what was wrong first and why), they didn't brush off my requests or inquiries, they gave sound advice and their troubleshooting was backed up by solid knowledge, as they were able to answer my questions. I usually get some surprise when people realize I am an electrical engineer with 20 years of hardware experience because I look exactly like a housewife type and I wear makeup. Both techs were right on target with their diagnosis and recommendations. One was an older guy (last year), the other a younger guy (this year.) They knew what they were talking about and were able to answer some technical questions, and did not try to sell me extra stuff. Yes, the cap was expensive, but I would expect a markup if a company is to stay in business. I should buy a new multimeter and test the cap myself next time before calling. This was a 4 year old unit and the cap had no burn marks, nothing. I was thinking it was a bad compressor, so I was lucky it was just the cap.

- Lynnette R. in Mansfield

Excellent Job very happy.

- Bruce H. in Mesquite

It went great. John arrived on time and diagnosed the problem in only a few minutes, honored Carrier Warranty and made the repair in less than an hour.

- Matthew C. in Mansfield

Cool Tech Mechanical were fantastic! I highly recommend their services. I had 2 other companies out there who wanted to replace the coil ($ 2200) or the whole system ($5000+). Jon Kalp and his team did an investigation and discovered that there was no leak in the coil and that the problem was busted drywall vent in the attic. He didn't personally do that type of repair but was willing to provide a reference. I had my property management company send out a handy man team who made the repair for $200.

Cool Tech Mechanical is run by honest, good people. When Jon realized that my tenant was without proper air conditioning and had terminal cancer, he installed a temporary unit that he had free of charge so that my tenant could be comfortable while he waited for the vent to be fixed. This is the kind of company that you want working on your house or business. People who deserve to be paid well but also have a heart. Where else do you want to take your business?! Believe me, Cool Tech Mechanical is getting all of my future business.

- Steve A. in Santa Monica

I purchased the "$49 Cooling Diagnostic Service Call with 10% Off Any Needed Repairs" coupon because my A/C was not working and I needed a second opinion.
A service Tech came out on Tuesday. He checked the compressor and the breaker box. He confirmed that the compressor was bad. He also, went ahead and checked the inside unit as well. Then the next day their sales rep came out to look at everything to see what I would need. What I really appreciated from both of them is that I didn't even have to ask them to take off their shoes at the door. It was very considerate and respectful. I also, recieved a quote the next day that seems reasonable along with giving me options rather than trying to force me to buy a whole new inside and outside unit.

- Arpita P. in Arlington

He checked the AC unit for problems and added 3 pounds of freon to my AC unit.
He was very prompt and professional. He did the job in a timely manner and gave me helpful tips to continue to maintain my AC units.

- Seanna W. in Euless

I bought a big deal for $69 for an Air-Conditioning Tune-Up and 1 Pound of Refrigerant.
They sent out one tech and did a great job. I even used them in rental properties and they did a great job! It took them a couple of hours to do the job.

- Jim B. in Mansfield

Found a leak and fixed. Informed me that my AC system was old and may not make it through the summer, but he did what he could to fix the problem.
Professional, personable - made me feel as though he was being honest and up front.

- Eileen S. in Arlington

My A/C kept freezing up and then leaking water. They came out and it was a little of a mystery. I had done all the basic things prior to calling such as changing the air filter and letting it defrost. They found the problem in the TXV valve. They didn't have one on hand and came out and replaced it later that day.
Technician called about 20 minutes before arriving to let me know he was on his way. He worked hard in the heat and was very good at keeping me up to date on what he was doing. Very professional and polite.

- Kristin G. in Plano

The technician was really nice and informative. He filled up the freon in the AC unit and one of my units wasn't turning on at all and he found the bad piece quickly and replaced it for me. I have since used this company at a rental property as well.

- Chris P. in Arlington

Cool Tech is great! The technician explained so much to me as I was a new homeowner at the time and knew nothing about air conditioning. He was very patient with all my questions. He added some freon to my system (it was a little low), flushed the drainage line, shampooed the unit, and checked all the internal stuff. He gave me a new cap for the freon so that it would no longer leak and it hasn't! They didn't try to upsell me on a new unit like another company did-- said mine was just fine. I would definitely recommend Cool Tech in the future. Good honest folks. :-)

- Jenny in Arlington

Replaced the HVAC system in a rental property
I was unfamiliar with the contractors providing this service since I'm an out-of-the area property owner. I contacted Cool Tech along with several other local HVAC firms to get some information. Jon was very patient with helping me evaluate the various pros/cons of installing a heat pump versus a standard forced air system both in terms of the operating cost and how each performs in the north Texas climate. There was no high-pressure sales approach, just great information to help me make a decision on what system to use. Once the project was scheduled, Jon's team did an outstanding job in coordinating with my local property manager. They arrived at the work site on time, did a clean and professional installation job and cleaned up with no negative impact to the tenant. I would always recommend that people get multiple quotes for contractor projects of significant size. If you are looking for an HVAC company, I would highly recommend giving Jon a call.

- Michael B. in Fairfield

I used Cool Tech Mechanical. I had them come out and check my heating unit and got it ready for the winter season. The second time they put in a new exhaust pipe.
Our house was build in 1971 and they told me that the exhaust pipe was not to the current requirements, and so I did have them come back out and put in that pipe. They charged exactly what he said he would charge to install that pipe. Everything about it was good. He was very efficient, he got here when he said he would and got here and did the work correctly.

- Patsy S. in Bedford

Fixed A/C overflow trigger and unplugged condensation line. Cool Air was very reasonable. The technician was knowledgeable and professional. Great company!

- Carla D. in Arlington

Installed new heat pump and attic unit.
Member Comments:
Jon came to my house and gave me a timely quote. The installation crew showed up on time and completed the work within the day. All items listed on the invoice were completed. The system appears to work fine.

- Tim K. in Arlington

Our furnace quit lighting yesterday. I called Cool Tech around 7pm and they offered to come out after hours, but I chose to set up an appointment today. The technician John called me at 7:30am and was there about 8am as promised. He was very courteous and replaced the igniter quickly. The heater is back to working properly. This is my second time hiring Cool Tech and they will continue to be my go-to heating & air conditioning guys.

- Jenny W. in Arlington

He inspected our air conditioning system and put a special kind of thermostat in there.
Member Comments:
He got here on time and did what he needed to do. He was really good. He was polite and professional. He checked everything out. He told us what his company does. He told us about their warranty stuff and a plan we could get on. We didn't get on it at the time, but it was really good.

- Candy W. in Azle

They installed a new air conditioner-- both the condenser and the unit in the attic. They were professional, prompt, and thorough and wanted to make sure I was happy with their work. They did have to return because of a faulty valve but they treated it the same way they did the installation. I appreciated their Angie's List coupon.

- Karen L. in Grapevine