8 Ways To Increase Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

Newer air conditioners offer improved temperature and humidity control. Choosing a properly-sized AC with a valid Energy Star rating can lower your energy bills. Proper installation, including the correct height and location within the room, can enhance the efficiency of the unit. Regular AC unit maintenance is also crucial for reducing energy consumption and controlling costs.

Tips To Increase Your ACs Efficiency

  • Turn off the AC after use: Always turn off your AC before leaving your home. Living in a digital world, having smart ACs is another perk. So all you need to do is set a timer for half an hour before you reach home to make it cool and inviting.
  • Keeping the doors and windows closed: Always keeping the doors and windows closed will help your AC cool faster, preventing cool air from escaping the room. You can use curtains, blinds, or shades to prevent sunlight from entering the area.
  • Rearrangement of furniture if needed: You may sometimes need to rearrange your furniture to allow the free flow of cool air around the room, as furniture can obstruct the AC vents.
  • The setting of the right temperature: Setting your air conditioner to 25 degrees Celsius will cool the room more quickly and lower overall costs. However, lowering the temperature will increase the cooling speed and raise energy consumption, leading to more frequent maintenance and decreased efficiency.
  • Keeping a check on AC filters for repairs: Dusty filters reduce the flow of air, increasing power costs. So, clean your air filters once a week or at least once a fortnight to keep them free of allergens and other air-borne pollutants. You can always seek help from AC installation specialists in Arlington, TX, who can provide you with professional filter cleaning services.
  • Keep your fan on: To distribute the cool air from your air conditioner, make sure to turn on the room’s fan, as it will aid in faster cooling, thus decreasing energy consumption.
  • Turning off lights and exhaust fan in the room: To reduce the heat level in the room, turn off the extra lights to help your AC cool faster. Also,
    make sure to switch off your exhaust fans so that the cool air will not get sucked out.
  • Getting it serviced regularly: A good quality AC is designed to perform well for around eight years. However, getting it serviced, even if it is working fine, will aid in its proper maintenance keeping its coils, filters, vents, hoses, and other components clean.


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