6 Best Spring HVAC Tips

Spring is considered the season of a new beginning. With the climate in its prime condition, it is time for you to perform few maintenance activities on your HVAC systems. The following tips will help you to maintain your system so that it works efficiently. Prepare your Air Conditioner: With the winters cooling you more than you wanted to, you might have forgotten that you even own an Air Conditioner. Turning it on after a month of rest will not allow the device to work correctly. It is better to take some preparatory steps before switching on the device. Firstly, check and clean the outdoor coil as it might be filled with leaves, dust, and debris. Always turn the power off and use low pressure so not to damage the fins.  After that make sure the indoor filter is clean. Depending on the type of filter you may need to replace it as much as once a month. Some thicker high-capacity filters can last 6 months to a year depending on your environment.  Regular maintenance is needed for your air conditioning system just like your car to extend longevity and efficiency. 

Check for proper condensate drainage: 

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air in the form of condensation. Normally this will drain into your main plumbing and you will never see it. Over time dirt and algae can collect and clog the primary drain. If this happens it will either drain out an auxiliary drain line that may drain outside where you can see it. This is a warning indicator that the primary drain needs to be cleaned out.  If you have no auxiliary drain you may see it draining on the floor or ceiling where it can cause major damage.  If you are unsure where to check or how to clear a clogged drain call an HVAC professional to clear it for you. We will also suggest adding water sensors that will shut the system off in the event of a clog to prevent possible damage. 

Make an appointment for your HVAC unit maintenance:

While changing filters or washing off the coil of the outside unit are items most homeowners can do themselves. Complete HVAC system maintenance should be done by a professional HVAC Arlington, TX. There are electrical components and high-pressure refrigerant circuits that need special training and proper tools to service properly and safely. We recommend twice a year maintenance for most systems. If you do this in the pre-season the price is less, and you may avoid a break down when you need the system the most.

Upgrade your current AC and heating system:

 If your system struggled last summer and just made it to fall the spring is the best time to consider upgrading to a new system. This is because you might face many inconveniences of longer wait times and higher prices if you wait until summer temperatures are at peaks. There might be longer waiting periods and higher prices due to harsh temperatures without a heating or cooling in Arlington tx 

Enjoy the fresh air: 

When the temperatures are moderate, you do not require a heating or cooling turn off your HVAC system and open all the windows and let the fresh air in. You can even enhance the air circulation using the fans and turn your HVAC systems blower to the on position. 

Invest in a good thermostat: 

Just like you, your HVAC system hates stress too. Using a programmable thermostat will reduce the stress and increase its optimization. Adjusting the temperatures every day will allow you to save bills as your system runs at its highest efficiency.  In hot weather we recommend no more than about 5-6 degree change in temperature when the home is not occupied during the heat of the day. Keep in mind It will take longer for your system to recover to your comfort zone when its still in the hot part of the day when you get home. If someone is home all day, it will normally be better to try to maintain the temperature you are comfortable at instead of trying to bring down the temperature in the heat of the day.

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