When Should My Commercial HVAC System Be Replaced?

Preventative maintenance and service can considerably extend the life of your commercial HVAC equipment. However, all commercial HVAC systems must be replaced at some point.

Consider replacing the system if it is older to improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort. But how do you know when your unit needs to be replaced? Continue reading to learn about the indicators that your business air conditioner or heater needs to be replaced.

Reasons You Should Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

Here are seven signs that your commercial HVAC system needs to be replaced:

  • Utility Bills have Increased Unprecedentedly

If your utility bills are unusually high, it’s a sign that your HVAC system is inefficient. If this is a
recurring problem, your HVAC equipment will almost certainly need to be replaced with a newer, more efficient system.

  • Uneven Heating or Cooling

Your HVAC equipment isn’t working correctly if your commercial area has unexplainable temperature swings or different parts of the facility have distinct temperature concerns. If routine maintenance and commercial HVAC services in Arlington, TX, do not resolve the problem, the equipment may be beyond repair and must be replaced.

  • Odors that aren’t Quite Right

Unusual odors emanating from your HVAC system are a warning sign that something is wrong and should not be overlooked. Indoor air quality may be degraded, placing everyone in the building at risk of contracting an infectious disease. Odors out of the ordinary signal a partial system failure and may necessitate equipment replacement.

  • Energy is Being Lost

There will inevitably be some energy loss through the HVAC exhaust, but replacing the system may be the best option if this has become an endless source of high electricity bills. New HVAC technology can reduce energy loss by 50–80% while providing a long-term investment return.

  • The Equipment’s Expected Lifespan has Come to an End

Even if you’re not having any major problems with your HVAC system, it’s good to consider replacing it before something costly happens. If you’re having problems with outdated equipment, routine maintenance is unlikely to cure the problem.

  • Strange Noises

If your HVAC system generates grinding or screeching noises, something is wrong. These noises should be addressed immediately since they indicate that the equipment is malfunctioning and will fail soon. Depending on the source of the problem, routine maintenance may not be sufficient to resolve it.

  • Visible Signs of Malfunction

If you detect excessive dampness on walls and windows or corrosion on pipes and appliances, your HVAC system is not performing its job. The HVAC system will need to be replaced if the condition is severe.

Even if your HVAC system is in good shape, it will need to be changed after 15 to 20 years. You may save time and money by replacing commercial HVAC equipment before it fails. All business HVAC systems will eventually need to be updated, so keep an eye on yours to avoid an expensive breakdown.

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