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Duct Sealing in Ft. Worth, TX by Cool Tech Mechanical

Most homes contain a network of ducts that distribute air from the air conditioner and/or forced air heater throughout the rooms. This ventilation system maintains an airtight seal along its length—or at least, it should. Ducts can sustain damage from moisture, corrosion, aging, and construction work that will lead to air escaping from them. When duct integrity drops, it will result in multiple problems with comfort and energy-efficiency throughout a home.

How can you solve this problem if it occurs in your house? Easy: call on the professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical in Ft. Worth, TX. This isn’t a job for amateurs, and it certainly can’t be done with a roll of duct tape and a few good intentions. Our experts will see that your ventilation system is made airtight once more and that you will receive the high quality from your AC and heater that you expect.

Cool Tech Mechanical provides professional duct sealing in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Sealing Ductwork Is Important

The seal along ducts is designed to prevent the loss of air pressure as the conditioned air from the heater/AC moves from the cabinet to the vents that open into the rooms. Even a small gap along a spiral metal duct or flexible plastic duct will cause a decline in air pressure that will weaken the air conditioner or heater’s performance. The comfort system will need to work harder, resulting in both an increase in the cost to run it and additional wear and tear that will shorten its lifespan.

Holes in the ducts also permit outside air to infiltrate into the ventilation system. This will alter the temperatures inside the ducts and bring in contaminants found inside the closed–off areas ducts are installed. These contaminants can have a major negative impact on a home’s indoor air quality.

Signs You Need Air Duct Sealing

Since ducts remain hidden from sight behind walls and ceiling, you need to look for other signs that they have holes and air leaks in them. The most noticeable one is a drop in the airflow coming from the vents. This indicates a loss of air pressure, and unless it is an error with either the AC or the heater, the trouble usually rests with the ducts. If this loss of airflow is connected to a rise in heating and cooling costs, you need to have ductwork professionals look into the problem as soon as possible.

Another warning sign to watch out for is dusty and moldy odors emanating from the vents. This often means that the ducts are drawing in low quality air from crawlspaces and regions between walls. Listen also for rattling noises from the ducts, which can indicate spots where the joints are starting to come loose.

Contact Us to Arrange for Duct Sealing in Fort Worth, TX

You cannot afford to simply shrug off possible air leaks in your ventilation system: the eventual cost will be too high, both in terms of your energy bills and the decline in comfort and indoor air quality. Call the duct sealing professionals at Cool Tech Mechanical today to schedule the work in Ft. Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.