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How Often Should I Replace the Air Filter?

The simple answer to this question: every month! However, we know that new air filters are not free, and some homeowners are hesitant to go through the work of changing the filter each month if it’s not actually necessary. Learn why monthly filter changes are so important in today’s guide, and consider a reusable filter if you’re concerned about the monthly costs.

Why it matters

Changing the filter is an important step in maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Many people assume that the primary purpose of changing the air filters is health and wellness, and while these do filter allergens out of the air, it isn’t their only use.

Filters protect the system from the potential damage of incoming debris. But a dirty air filter makes it so that air cannot get through to the system with ease as designed. This means that the system can become overworked, attempting to suck in the right amount of air and drawing in a lot of energy to do so. If you neglect to change a dirty filter, it can end up costing you in both your energy bills and in repair costs.

Look into a reusable filter

If you don’t want to buy new air filters for monthly replacements, you may want to look into a reusable, washable filter instead. Reusable filters may be more expensive upfront, but the annual savings are significant. Of course, there are several factors to take into account before making this decision. You must be willing to take the time to maintain the filter and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. You should also keep an eye on the condition of the filter, as it will deteriorate over the years and require replacement (like any part of your AC and heating system).

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