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How a Heat Pump Heats and Cools a Home

The development of the heat pump was an exciting time in the HVAC industry because this equipment allows homeowners to heat and cool their homes with a single system. The technology isn’t exactly new, as a heat pump uses refrigeration for both processes, which has been used to cool homes for a very long time. The key difference is the addition of a couple of components that essentially allow the heat pump to run in reverse, and to do so without exorbitant costs.

How Refrigeration Works

Heat pumps use refrigeration as part of the cooling process and the heating process. You probably associate refrigeration with your home’s refrigerator, or maybe with the air conditioner, so it may seem odd to associate refrigeration with heating. But refrigeration is essentially just moving heat from place to place, which is how the system removes heat from the home in the summer and how it moves heat in during the winter.

Refrigerant is the name of the chemical blend used during the refrigeration process. Refrigerant travels a cyclical path through the indoor and outdoor portions of the system. In the summer, refrigerant evaporates in the inside coils of the system, absorbing heat from the air as a fan blows over them. Heat releases outdoors as the refrigerant condenses. In the winter, the reversing valve allows it to move the other direction, absorbing heat from the air outside and bringing it indoors.

What Makes a Heat Pump an Excellent Option

Heat pumps are highly efficient heating systems, in part because less energy is required to move heat from one place to another than is required to generate heat. An electric furnace with a near-perfect efficiency rating will still need to use more energy than a heat pump for most of the winter, as a heat pump is still effective even in very cold weather. Besides, purchasing, installing, and servicing two separate home comfort systems can be a hassle. Adding a heat pump is a cost-effective, convenient, and comfortable way to heat and cool the home!

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