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Leaky Evaporator Coil: Should I Replace the Part or the Entire System?

We got a question recently from a customer trying to decide what to do about a leaky evaporator coil. The coil used R-22, a refrigerant that is no longer used for air conditioners and heat pumps in manufacturing. It is possible to replace just the coil and still have the system remain operational. And of course, the cost of replacing the entire system would be much higher than the cost of replacing only a single component.

However, in this instance, we would recommend whole-system replacement to many homeowners over a smaller parts replacement. We’ll explain why in today’s post. For more information, feel free to call our team for helpful advice.

R-22 is no longer the standard

Due to environmental concerns about R-22 refrigerant, it is no longer used for manufacturing, and it is becoming more and more difficult to get ahold of. If you plan to stay in the home long-term, it will ultimately cost less to upgrade and old R-22 system to a new R-410a system.

Replacing the coil only will lock you into using an obsolete refrigerant that is in its last stages of a government-mandated phase-out. Eventually, you’ll just have to upgrade to a new R-410 coil once R-22 refrigerant becomes unavailable, meaning you’ll pay to upgrade your coil twice. Both options (replacing the coil or replacing the whole system) would add to the final cost of your R-410a system.

Plus you would have almost double labor costs when it comes to recharging and recovering the R-22 refrigerant. You may also end up with a mismatched system—one that has a coil not designed for use in your system—and unequal warranties for each unit that don’t cover a premature failure.

That’s not to mention the extra energy costs that go along with running an old, outdated system. Right now, you can upgrade to a system with a high SEER rating and experience a noticeable drop in your energy bills.

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